Release Video & Single “A Journey To Remember”

ISIONS OF ATLANTIS release their second single off Wanderers today along with a beautifully conceptualized video. Leaving behind old memories, the song takes the listener to the wild and untamed nature, and into the dreamscapes of the band.

On August 30th, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS will release their long awaited seventh studio album Wanderers via Napalm Records. The follow up full length album for 2018’s The Deep & The Dark, which hit the charts in Germany, the USA, the UK and Switzerland, continues the everlasting journey of VISIONS OF ATLANTIS in 19 years of band history right into the wideness of the seas. As OOMPH!’s singer Dero states: ”The perfect mixture of female and male vocals, embedded in great symphonic metal hymns!”



1. Release My Symphony

2. Heroes Of The Dawn

3. Nothing Lasts Forever

4. A Journey To Remember

5. A Life Of Our Own

6. To The Universe

7. Into The Light

8. The Silent Scream

9. The Siren & The Sailor

10. Wanderers

11. At The End Of The World


Bonus Tracks:
12. Bring The Storm
13. In And Out of Love

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“A Journey To Remember” is a powerful song, guaranteed to have you captivated and enchanted!

Watch “A Journey To Remember”