Unleash the Arches

What is an apex? According to some it is the high point of something like a career “they reached the apex of their career”, according to the dictionary it is “the top or highest part of something. Especially one forming a point”. For others, it is the title of the new album from Canadian power metal band Unleash The Archers!

Unleash The Archers are a power metal band from Vancouver Canada who are signed to Napalm Records, an independent record label from Austria and they have released their 4th studio album ‘Apex’. A concept album that focuses on the story of The Immortal who has been asleep for 1000 years in his mountain home. The album answers the question of who woke up The Immortal over 10 tracks.

This album has everything we know and love to hear from this incredible band; from the adrenaline fuelled drumming of Scott Buchanan to the face melting wailing vocals of Brittany Slayes, Unleash The Archers did not disappoint with their new songs. Of course, the credit cannot just go to Brittany and Scott. Other members of the band include Grant Truesdell - guitar, unclean vocals, Andrew Kingsley - guitar, unclean vocals and newest member Nikko Whitworth on bass. This is also Nikkos first studio album since joining the band in 2016.

This concept album features 10 brand new face melting tracks that follow the story of The Immortal that can only be described as incredible! Each track tells a powerful chapter in the story of the battle between The Immortal and the 3 sons of The Matriarch. As the album begins with “The Awakening” which tells the chapter of The Immortal waking up from his thousand-year sleep under the mountain which is also a prison. However; he isn’t sure who has woken him. This opening track gives us everything we can expect from the band such as the sweeping guitar solos, the heavy bass riffs, the dirty growling vocals, the fast and precise drums and of course the incredible wailing vocals of Brittany. The album then continues onto the next track “Shadow Guide” which is where The Immortal is wandering without a goal still trying to come to terms with who woke him up and then he sees a shadow above him that becomes his guide and leads him into the third track where he meets The Matriarch.

The Matriarch is an all-powerful being that controls the world and has powers that are unmatched. Unlike the other tracks from this album this one tells the tale of The Matriarch and how she is all powerful. While the song has a strong feel with an upbeat tempo it has a campfire feel to the song which is reflected in the opening line “Come gather around the fire, I’ll tell you all a tale”. This track then leads into “Cleanse The Bloodlines” which is where The Matriarch gives The Immortal the task to go and find her 3 sons and take them out. Over the next 3 tracks we follow the journey of The Immortal as he seeks out the sons and carries out his task. In the track “Ten Thousand Against One” we are see who The Immortal really is as he destroys everyone and everything protecting the third and final son.

After this battle, we see a side of The Immortal we have not seen before. A side of remorse and despair that is reflected in the lyrics of the track “Earth and Ashes” as he reflects on what he has done. This song is different to other tracks on the album as it starts out with a clean bass led intro over an acoustic guitar. as we go into the second last track we learn that upon completing his task ad returning the sons to The Matriarch, that she had no intention of freeing The Immortals soul. So, he returns to his mountain prison and The Matriarch becomes more powerful than ever before.

With the final track of the album we listen to The Immortal singing a lament to the mountain as he reflects on his journey and succumbs to the embrace of the mountain to heal and regain his strength over the next millennia.

Prior to the release of the album, the band released a single from the album titled “cleanse the bloodlines” on the 8th of April 2017 and fans were quick to listen to it. This would also be the first song that featured recently signed bassist Nikko Whitworth who joined the band. When the album was finally released after much build up and anticipation it debuted at #3 on the iTunes metal charts and was also their first album to make billboard charts. It also sat at #9 on Heatseeker, #29 on top hard music albums and #12 on the Canadian top hard music chart.

While Unleash The Archers have not yet graced the shores of Australia. With the release of this new album, we hope they will consider an Australian tour soon and bring their face melting sound to their fans down under



Harrison Bray