Lukas: Vocals, Guitar

Tim: Guitar, Vocals

Valentin: Bass

Yannic: Drums


GENRE: Alternative Funk Rock


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ultraschall_official/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ultraschallband/

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/ultraschall



How do your fans describe your music?

The most describe us an energetic Live Band with funky vibes


What is your favourite music video and why?

We all love the Music Video of Foo Fighters' Pretender. It starts with a minimalstic Band Perfomance and ends in a huge “BloodStorm”. Just Awesome.


What’s your craziest fan story?

The grandma of one fan had a crush on our Drummer Yannic. She wanted to get laid. He dosen't :D


What’s your favourite moment with your fans?

We  just love it to make them dance and go crazy to our Songs. This is such a great pleasure. We love each of them.



What bands influenced your style of music?

There are many Bands who influenced us as musicians individually. But to break it down as a group we would say “The Red Hot Chilli Peppers” and “Rage against the machine” are our biggest influences


What brand insturments do you use?

Lukas plays a “Tandler” Guitar. Its a  guitar builder in germany. Tim plays “Fender” Guitar and amp. Valentin Slaps on an “HumanBase” and Yannic plays “Tama” Drums.



Have you changed any member’s since you first started?

Lukas and Tim are Members of the first day. Valentin joined Ultraschall after the old Bassist left the Band to travel around the world. 1 Year ago, Yannic joined as a new Drummer.


How did you come up with your band name and logo?

Ultraschall means ultrasonic in Germany. We are creating sonic… ULTRASONIC. Tadaa Band name was born.


Where do you see your band sound in the future, are you looking for a similar sound or are you going to go in a different direction?

I think we definitely found our Sound foundation over the years. But it's an endless journey...



Tell us a random fact about yourself that fans don’t know?

Valentin used to listen to TokioHotel back in the days. A horrible German Band, maybe you know them



Who writes the music in your band or do you all write it together?

We write the Music all together. Lukas our singer wirtes the lyrics afterwards


Could you briefly describe your music making process?

The most songs are created in our rehearsal room. We jam around and we pick parts, riffs or grooves and work with it with a direct musically context.


Do you ever change your lyrics during live set?

No, never! Irony? Maybe


What subjects do you sign about in your music?

There are different subject that Lukas broach. Ironic to personal, sometimes also politically but in any case with German-speaking lyrics



If you could have any band, performing your songs, which would it be and would it be in your style or theirs?

Rammstein in our style would be Fun.


As we are promoting your band, is there anything coming up like album launches or tour dates you would like us to promote on our site for you?

Stay tuned. In near Future we can say more...