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Today Ukrainian/Polish black metal band THREE EYES OF THE VOID
releases debut album "The Atheist". Stream at Black Metal Promotion.

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PLEASE spread this news by publishing it on your website/blog/radio airplay as well as social media channels about debut album of Ukrainian/Polish band THREE EYES OF THE VOID. More info below.

This record is a must to hear for fans of bands such as Secrets of the Moon, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Wolves in the Throne Room, Harakiri for the Sky, Imperium Dekadenz and Misþyrming.


For review please use digital version: private stream | digital download
We have very limited bunch of promotional CDs, so in reply message give me Your postal address.


The band Three Eyes of the Void was initially a one-man studio project by Ukrainian musician Dmytro Kvashin. The debut EP entitled "The Moment of Storm" was recorded with the support of Alexander Ksiarum, who was responsible for the drums. The material was produced by Oleg Olgerd Rubanov, a musician from the Ukrainian band Kroda, who has a successful track record of working with 1914 on the production and mixes of some of their releases. After the debut material, Dmytro began his first attempts to release a full-length album. Unfortunately, he soon left work on the debut and dropped out of the recording session. The band's inability to complete a live line-up led Three Eyes of the Void to disappear somewhere in the shadows.

However, everything changed in 2021 when Dmytro visited Poland. In Gdańsk, he comes across Arkadiusz Niziołek and Marcin Urban - former drummer and guitarist of Sacrilegium, a legend of the black metal underground in Poland. In a short time, Jakub Milszewski, the bassist of groove/thrash metal band Perpetual, joined the band. With this line-up, Three Eyes of the Void returns to the project of releasing a full-length debut.

With the beginning of 2023, the band presents a premiere number that serves as a preview of their upcoming material. The composition "Against the One", inspired by the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, is composed with the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war in the background. The track was presented via the Black Metal Promotion channel. The band is starting to make more and more appearances with Trauma and Gorycz, among others. In August, Three Eyes of the Void appears on the line-up of the German festival Under The Black Sun and shares the stage with bands such as Messiah, Urgehal, Nargaroth and Craft. Meanwhile, the band features on the cassette compilation Solid Rock in Hell Vol. I. The start of their collaboration with SolidRock PR led to a signing contract with Folter Records (Nocturnal Breed, Sarkom, Urgehal, Odium Humani Generis). 


Debut album "The Atheist" is over 40 minutes of atmospheric black metal that explores the themes of "Death of God and Mortality" - a well-known maxim of Friedrich Nietzsche. The lyrics focus on the human conflict between belief in God and enlightenment, rejecting the concept of a conscious creator. The songs  reflect the helplessness and confusion of a man, who, realizing the absence of God, begins to feel like another artifact of an entropy. 


On "The Atheist", the band repeatedly explores related areas of metal music. Atmospheric black often gets mixed with the space of progressive music and the overwhelming heaviness and darkness of post metal. All this is surrounded by a dark, melancholic and bitter atmosphere, which only fuels the vision of the hopelessness and despair of human existence. Three Eyes of the Void embarks on a journey to prove that coming to terms with one's weaknesses may be the only way out for those seeking answers to the question: who am I and why am I?

Today "The Atheist" is released digitally (link here) and as digiCD by Folter Records, orders here.


Black Metal Promotion Youtube channel➡

Video to the song "Descent" ➡

Song on digital services ➡

Video to the song "The Atheist" ➡

Song on digital services ➡


Music by Dmytro Kvashnin
Dmytro Kvashnin - Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics
Arkadiusz Niziołek - Drums
Guest vocals in ‘Descent’, ‘No More Light’ and lyrics by Andriy Tkachenko (Vin de Mia Trix, NO)
Bass recorded by Zlatoyar (SOEN)
Saxophone in ‘Descent’ - Dima Dudko (White Ward)
Drums recorded by Filip “Heinrich” Hałucha at Heinrich House Studio (Behemoth)
Vocals recorded by Michał Daschke at Black Peak Records, Poland

Mixed and Produced by David Deutsch at 1408-Productions (Heretoir)
Mastering by Nikita Kamprad (Der Weg einer Freiheit)
Art and Layout by Maciej Kamuda (Major Kong, Sunnata, Warfist)
Band photo by Oskar Szramka (Riverside, Behemoth)
Music videos by Zaćma Visual Studio (Psychonaut 4, Chronic Hate)


1. Behind the Stars (9:40)
2. Against the One (6:23)
3. Descent (7:10)
4. No More Light (8:21)
5. Delirium (3:19)
6. The Atheist (7:50)


Dmytro Kvashnin (ex-Anabios, ex-Balfor) - vocal, guitar
Arek Niziolek (Sacrilegium) - drums
Marcin Urban (Sacrilegium) - guitar
Jakub Milszewski (Perpetual) - bass


02-03.12.2023 - PL, Gdańsk, Bunkier: Skowyt Fest
13.01.2024 - PL, Bielsko-Biała, RudeBoy: Niech Cisza Milczy Nawet Zimą III Festival


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