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Drab Majesty kicked off the set for The Black Queen at the Lansdowne hotel in Sydney on Friday night. Deb Demure and Mona D graced our shores as they flew over from America and delivered an epic performance that took you into a world of Dark Wave, Post Punk and Electronica.


Drab Majesty played an eight song set and played the hits the fans know and love. As the "Introduction" for Drab Majesty came on and the band walked on stage the fans cheered and everyone was ready for the show to begin.  Drab Majesty delivered their songs "Dot In The Sky, 39 by design, Not Just a Name, Cold Souls, Kissing The Ground, Too soon to tell and Forget Tomorrow" and everyone was dancing to every song. 


Next up was the act everyone had been waiting, everyone around me couldn't wait to see The Black Queen and it was great to see the venue full of fans that were ready to party. The Black Queen are a Electronica three piece band from America and Greg Puciato, Joshua Eustis and Steven Alexander were ready to deliver the performance of the year.


The Black Queen delivered a thirteen song play list and the fans were dancing for the whole set and singing along to every lyric. The setlist was picked off The Black Queens two albums Fever Daydream and Infinite Games and the fans got to listen to "Looking Glass War, Thrown, No Accusation, Ice to Never, Maybe, Distance, Your Move, Taman Shud, Death, Secret Scream, End Where, Now When and One Edge of Two". The Black Queen finished off their set with "Apocalypse Morning" and then walked off stage. As the house lights turned on everyone was eagerly awaiting one more song as they had a fantastic night.


 Drab Majesty and The Black Queen put on an incredible night full of fun and Electronica. Everyone was over the moon to see one of their favorite bands perform in Sydney and I can confidently say that everyone is eagerly awaiting their return to Sydney Australia.



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