Christian Peppas /  Xian: Vocals, Keys, Programming
Governor Christian Buckley: Guitar
Fox Zozo: Bass
Scott Genovese: Drums, Backing Vocals


GENRE: Rock / Alternative Rock

RECORD LABEL: Void Industry (Independent)


In 2011 how did your fans respond to your album ‘A Different Frequency’?

Xian: It was the first record put out by this project, and overall the reception was pleasant. A Different Frequency had a more "industrial" feel to it due to the use of more programming and aggressive vocals; but I think generally most people *got* what we were trying to do sonically. The last time I checked our streaming analytics it was still getting played, so that's a good sign!

In 2015 you released a single called ‘My Nightmare’ how was it working with Revolver Magazine for this video release?

Xian: The people at Revolver are awesome! Gotta give props to our publicist Tom for that; he's the one that made the connection for us. Definitely a good team of people that love music.

In 2014 you released an EP called ‘ Exploiting Our Dreams’ How was it working with the art designer ‘Pony Ma’ did you have any input into the design he came up with for your album art?

Xian: I've actually known Pony a long time, so we were already very familiar with his artwork. I've always admired the personality he gives his characters as well as his overall technique. For the Exploiting Our Dreams cover, I basically told him the record was about nightmares, insomnia...that kind of stuff. Generally speaking I asked him to create a character that was kept awake at night by their fears, which in this case was the awareness that society was exploiting their dreams and goals in life. When Pony handed me a finished oil painting months later I was truly blown away.

What’s your craziest fan story?

Xian: "Room 208" is definitely up there...haha. But I won't kiss and tell.

If you could pick any music festival to perform at (in the world), what music festival would you pick and why?

Xian: For me that's so difficult...hmm...Glastonbury, Reading and Coachella are definitely up there. Riot Fest, Pitchfork and Roskilde would be cool. We love playing; so we're open to anything that's a good time, really.

If you could win any awards which one would you choose and why?

Xian: Do the Grammys even mean anything anymore? I guess a 'Grammy'? 'Billboard'? 'AMA'? A 'Q Award' perhaps? Just the idea of being nominated would keep us humble.

Tell us a random fact about yourself that fans don’t know?

Xian: Rosie O'Donnel wanted to play my aunt in a movie.

What was your experience like the first time you played on stage?

Xian: Fucking amazing. That's why I keep doing it.

Who is your favourite band to tour with?

Xian: Honestly, a lot of the bands we get along really great with are ones we still haven't toured yet. Personally I like Bad Citizen, Flak Jacket, Set The Charge...tour-wise I'd say Sucker and Justin Symbol are pretty cool. I love JS's drummer Will, he's a solid-minded dude. I'm looking forward to hitting the road with Eryn Woods this Spring.

What is your favourite way to pass time while touring?

Xian: Busting Scott's balls, deciphering Governor's Patrick Bateman-esque exclamations and getting into trouble with Fox.

As we are promoting your band, is there anything coming up like album launches or tour dates you would like us to promote on our site for you?

Xian: Yes! We are embarking on part one of our "U & I Mini Tour" this Spring in the North-East part of the United States with Eryn Woods and Sucker in support of our new album 'Neurotica'. Very much looking forward to that!