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SUGAR HORSE Doomgaze quartet reveal new single 'The Shape of ASMR To Come'
Grand Scheme Of Things album to be released October 4 via Pelagic Record


'A sucker punch of sludge-punk' - 

'Riff merchants expertly balance filth and ambience' - Metal Hammer

'Beautifully devastating' - Kerrang!



UK quartet Sugar Horse have unveiled their powerful new single 'The Shape Of ASMR To Come', taken from their new album Grand Scheme Of Things, to be released October 4 via Pelagic Records.


Watch the video here:


Stream the single and pre-order the record here:


Vocalist / guitarist Ashley Tubb commented on the single: "After my dad’s passing, in the time before his funeral, I learned a tonne about his life that I previously hadn’t a clue about. He’s been through a fair bit in his life and this song is kind of about that. It’s a kind of “through adversity, there is redemption” type song. No pain, no gain etc."


'The Shape Of ASMR To Come' is the second single taken from the upcoming new album, following the release of 'New Dead Elvis' last month.


On Grand Scheme Of Things, Sugar Horse comment: "This album was intended to be a sideways step. A move away from the kind of thing that is expected of us… if anything is at all. What I mean by that, is the songs are more direct. They take a much shorter amount of time to “get to the point”. We also wanted to make this one noticeably “less Metal”. While we love being a bit boneheaded and confrontational, we definitely wanted to explore the more melodic, song-based side of the band’s sound. Normally you’d see shortened song structures and more singing and think “Oh these guys are going for gold….they wanna get on the radio and make millions of bloodstained pounds.” Well…you’re very much entitled to think that if you wish, but it felt like more of a songwriting challenge than anything else to be honest. We’ve done the whole drawn out, endless Space Rock thing a good few times now and it would’ve been easy to rest on those laurels. Do something we’re comfortable with. Alas, that is not really the point of this band. We’d much prefer to make it difficult and take the long route.”



The new album follows Sugar Horse's titanic split 7'' with new labelmates LLNN, and previous EP Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico. An epic and ambitious achievement, Truth... is, in signature Sugar Horse style, one single long song: a meditation and exploration of everything the note A has to offer.


Sugar Horse have recently toured with LLNN, and previously with post-rock luminaries 65daysofstatic across Europe, as well as dates with Pianos Become The Teeth, Liturgy, Chat Pile and an appearance at ArcTanGent festival.


A lot of people take the name Sugar Horse to be a drug reference - perhaps fitting for a band that sound like the last moments of a three-day binge. Darting wildly between dark/light, pain/bliss, sacred/profane, Sugar Horse are unpredictable and unrestrained.


Formed in what is now considered to be the utopian dreamscape of 2015, the band grew slowly at first. Far from fully formed, but steadily gaining limbs, heads and vital organs. Finally, 2019’s DRUJ followed swiftly by 2020’s DRUGS saw them hit on a relentless stride of eclectic releases that simultaneously confused and entranced audiences.


2021 saw the band encamp in a former Lutheran church to record their debut album, The Live Long After, releasing it via Brighton’s own Small Pond Records. Publications such as The Quietus describing the record as “shift[ing] dispositions fluidly, taking elements of extreme aggression alongside floaty Post-Metal” and Echoes & Dust calling it “a monumental achievement”. The album took every disparate element that Sugar Horse previously employed and amplified them, while juxtaposing each next to each other, with genuinely unpredictable and exciting consequences.


2022 saw no relent from the band’s fast paced release schedule, as they put out an anthemic shoegaze single in 'Pictures Of Dogs Having Sex', followed swiftly by their collaborative Waterloo Teeth EP. A release that paired Sugar Horse’s terrifying eclecticism with guest appearances from twelve other artists in just four short(ish) songs. Each artist coming from a different area of the modern British music scene, whether that be world conquering post-punk bass lines from IDLES’ Adam Devonshire, heavy titans Conjurer and Pupil Slicer’s throat crippling wails, or a shredding guitar solo from Biffy Clyro/Oceansizeaxe wielder Mike Vennart. The EP packs in an album’s worth of genre mutilating twists and turns into just 25 minutes of music.


Track list:

1 The Grand Scheme Of Things

The Shape Of ASMR To Come

3 Corpsing

 4 Mulletproof

 5 Spit Beach 

New Dead Elvis

7 Jefferson Aeroplane Over The Sea

 8 Office Job Simulator

9 Space Tourist

Sugar Horse are:

Ashley Tubb (Vocals/Guitar)

Jake Healy (Baritone Guitar, Keyboards)

Chris Howarth (Bass)

Martin Savage (Drums)


For more information:

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