BIOGRAPHY Formed in 2015 – originally under the moniker Pilgrim – Starscape begun as a solo project by Anton Eriksson, with the express purpose of playing heavy metal in the style of the classic bands of the 70’s and 80’s. From the start, the lyrical concept has been space and man’s place in relation to it. The aim of Starscape’s music and lyrics is to invoke the same feelings in the listener as the mystery of the cosmos does, such as wonderment and awe, but also of uneasiness and existential dread. The project debuted with an instrumental demo in early 2017, and things took up speed later that year, when the band changed its name to Starscape and saw the addition of PerOlof Göransson to the line-up. The band has since functioned as a duo with Göransson handling vocals and Eriksson being responsible for instrumental tasks. In the ensuing years, Starscape has polished its sound and gathered material for new releases. The first result of this gestation period can be heard in 2020’s self-released “Pilgrims” EP. This, however, was but a glimpse of what was to come the next year, in the form of the duo’s full-length debut. A concept album about humanity’s journey to find a new home among the stars, “Colony” is lyrically as well as musically a narrative of epic proportions. Released by US label Stormspell Records, the debut showcases Starscape’s talent for combining simple yet catchy melodic material with more elaborate instrumental passages. The distorted and prominent bass lines accompany the twin guitar harmonies and the occasional organ part, all topped off by Göransson’s clear and powerful vocals.


LINE-UP Per-Olof Göransson – Communicative Devices Anton Eriksson – Navigational Instruments


RELEASES “Demo” Instrumental demo (2017) “Pilgrims” EP (2020) “Colony” (2021)









Type: Full-length album

Release date: March 1st 2021

Label: Stormspell Records

Format: CD


1. Pilgrims of the Stars [07:53]

2. Interstellar [05:23]

3. Colony [06:20]

4. A New World [05:24]

5. Not Built by Human Hands [04:17]

6. Structures [03:54]

7. Towards the Unknown [10:13]


Total running time [43:28]

2017 - Twinmusix
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