Release Lyric Video For Unbreakable

For The First Time As Orchestral Version.

 “Enigma: Intermission 2“ Out On September 28

“Unbreakable (Orchestral Version)”, the second song from Stratovarius’ upcoming release “ENIGMA: Intermission 2”, has been released.
Accompanied by a lyric video, it is the first time fans are able to hear a Stratovarius classic in orchestral style.

 With the album version being one of most streamed songs in the band’s history, the inventive orchestral version highlights the band’s talent for epic melodies and fine harmonies.


Watch it here

“ENIGMA: Intermission 2” features three brand new songs as well as, for the first time in the band’s history, four beautifully arranged orchestral versions of popular Stratovarius songs. 

The album is similar in concept to “Intermission”, released 17 years ago between “Infinite” and “Elements”, in the sense that these seven tracks made in 2018 are completed by nine very rare, very hard to find power metal gems.


With over 30 minutes of brand new material and 50 minutes of previously rare metal,  “ENIGMA: Intermission 2” is definitely a killer release filler!


Enigma: Intermission 2 is out this Friday, September 28