Want To Get The Fvck Outta Melbourne.
New Single, Great Ocean Road, Out Today!

Melbourne rockers, Sordid Ordeal have got a bonafide Aussie rock anthem ready to be unleashed in the shape of Great Ocean Road!

With nods to the greats like Violent Soho, Dune Rats, Pist Idiots & Amyl The The Sniffers, ‘Great Ocean Road’ is Sordid Ordeal’s 3rd EP and the truest representation of their sound to date. Recorded at Studio in Melbourne. 

The title track captures the essence of a road-trip and the desperate desire to break free of the urban city sprawl and blast down the highway at 100km/h to hit the beaches of South-west Victoria. It tells a story of youthful passion and young love running from the suburban cabin fever to the sun, sand and waterfalls of the Great Ocean Road in a bid for freedom and the lie we tell ourselves that we’ll stay and never go back. 

Watch the video here!

With its up-tempo urgency, down-to-earth verses and anthemic choruses, the guitars roar ferociously from the first stabs of the riff to the last blasting finale.  The song erupts repetitively in to its signature defiant cry “I wanna get the fuck out of Melbourne!” carrying it endlessly in to the sunset, through Torquay, Anglesea, Lorne, Warrnambool and beyond. 

The music video, the band’s first in 5 years, depicts an abduction and murder storyline. A supposedly disgruntled ex-girlfriend kidnaps her ex, transporting him down the Great Ocean Road, a staple getaway during happier times, to relive the trip one last time before yeeting him over a cliff-face to dispose of him and gain closure on his fuck-wittednes

Great Ocean Road was shot and directed by We Are Moonhouse Productions featuring drone footage by Wendyhouse Productions. It exhibits breathtaking scenery of Australia’s most iconic coastline in a flurry of magnificent cinematography and sensational narrative. The concept itself concieved by singer Laurence Hewson serves as a gift to his ex-girlfriends, a chance to vicariously live out a well-deserved fantasy. 

The single’s B-side ‘Theme from Worst First Dates’ presents 28 seconds of madness recorded for the eponymous popular Melbourne-based comedy podcast while ‘Processed Meat and Rotten Fish’ and takes the listener back to the pubs of Melbourne to confront toxic male behaviour in the live music scene. 
‘Great Ocean Road’ is an earnest and high-production effort from a reinvigorated stalwart of the underground Melbourne pub rock scene and sees the band reaching for much greater heights with their sights set on a national presence and their first international tour.

Sordid Ordeal will launch Great Ocean Road on

Saturday, February 29
Stay Gold, Melbourne

Along with their mates in The Ugly Kings & Zenith Moon
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Great Ocean Road Is Out Now!

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