Twinmusix got to speak to Brian Tichy from Silverthorne about their new album and more.

TM - Hi Brian, it is Amelia from Twinmusix Thank You for having this interview with me today. How are you?

BT -  I'm busy doing music things, how are you?

TM - I am good, Thanks. You just released your new album, how have fans responded?

BT - It is really good. I really great response is nice to see people picking out songs they like it's been a really good response.

TM - You released two new singles before the album team out what made you want to do this?

BT - If our songs engage people and make them interested in our band, it seems like a good way to build up our fanbase instead of just coming out and saying hey here's a new EP.

TM - Your teaser video for Tear sky open received 20,000 views in 24 hours how did that feel?

BT - We put something out and people are interested enough to check it out like that it was cool.

TM - What was your writing and recording process for Tear The Sky Wide Open?

BT - We sat in a room full of guitars and threw ideas back and forward. We talked about music that we like then we will come up with ideas. when we found something we really liked we would all get excited about it and turned it into a full song.

Then we went to the recording studio. I have my own little studio house, I have everything set up and we can use 24 hours a day. We don't have to worry about hiring engineer's and a studio so when we get together that's all we do sometimes. We just sit on the phone without guitars and told to each other and come up with ideas over the phone.

TM - What is your favourite song to play off the new album?

BT -  I could play all of my songs every day. I would be very happy, I don't really have a favourite song of my new album. Our old music has been out for a year and I still enjoy playing that every day as well.

TM - Do you have any tours planned?

BT - Not at the moment, it's a bit of an uphill battle with a new band but you hope with the new EP out you will start getting too as soon

TM - How did your band form?

BT - I was in a Whitesnake on tour a few years ago and a band opened for us called "The Union". I used to go down to my local venue and hear them open the set and I thought wow that is great. We meet on the tour but we didn't really keep in touch.

A few years later I was doing a project with "Stone Temple Pilots" and we had a bunch of music that we recorded but we didn't have a singer. The guys from the "Stone Temple Pilots" found the singer from "The Union" and they said "I knew him" and I was like "what do you mean".  They said, "he is the singer from The Union, that open for Whitesnake". We all ended up writing and recording a record. After we did it the "Deleo Brothers" went back to "Stone Temple Pilots". Pete and I decided to write our own album and it became Silverthrone.

TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs what band would it be. what song and in your style or their style?

BT - I think I would choose Led Zeppelin to cover one of our songs in their style it would be amazing.

TM - If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?

BT - Jimmy Page because he is my favourite musician on the planet.

TM - What is your favourite memory watching someone else perform live can you tell us a story?

BT - In 1979 my dad bought me two tickets to go and see KISS for my birthday present at Madison Square Garden. He took me to New York City and that was my first ever rock concert that is my most mind loading experience.

TM - KISS is Amazing live! Have you seen the new show? You have to check it out.

BT - No I have not seen the new show. I will add it to my list. They always put on a fantastic show.

TM - You have played bands such as Billy Idol, Foreigner, The Dead Daisies and more so what was your favourite experience with working with these artists?

BT - It has been great working with so many artists that have such a high level in the music industry. From being the iconic frontman to writing amazing songs it has been fantastic to have the opportunity to play for so many great people.

As a kid, I would put on these records and play the drums to them. Now I actually get to play with them and that's my job. It is an amazing experience. It is an honour to play with these bands that I have been listening to science I was a kid and it always makes you want to improve on your craft.

TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?

BT - If you have heard our Silverthrone songs and dig it thank you very much. I hope we will be touring the world soon.

TM - Thank You for this interview today, we really appreciate it.


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