Allstar death metal band  releases third single, "Violence In The Air"

On September 7th, Metal Blade Records will release Warning Blast, the debut album by multinational allstar death metallers Siege Of Power!

For a preview of Warning Blast, the third single, "Violence In The Air", can be heard now at:

 The band comments: "'Violence in the Air' is the 3rd single of our album 'Warning Blast'. A short midtempo track, which is a bit more beatdown crossover - which displays a good view on what Siege Of Power is all about."


Siege Of Power is: 

Chris Reifert - Vocals (Autopsy, Violation Wound, Abscess, Painted Doll) 

Paul Baayens - Guitars (Asphyx, ex-Hail of Bullets, Thanatos) 

Theo van Eekelen - Bass (ex-Hail of Bullets, ex-Houwitser, ex-Grand Supreme Blood Court) 

Bob Bagchus - Drums (ex-Asphyx, Soulburn, ex-Grand Supreme Blood Court) 


No bullshit compromises of any kind whatsoever. That's what Siege Of Power is all about! Siege Of Power started in 2013 as a project without any expectations. Shortly after releasing a split album it was left for dead, buried and almost forgotten until the rotten corpse was exhumed in 2017. This resulted in a no-nonsense extreme metal album mixed with several doomdozers. Influences vary from Carnivore and SOD to Discharge and Amebix, done in their own style. 


Warning Blast track-listing

1. Conquest for What? 

2. For the Pain

3. Bulldozing Skulls

4. Born into Hate

5. Torture Lab

6. Uglification

7. Trapped and Blinded

8. Diatribe

9. Warning Blast

10. Mushroom Cloud Altar

11. Lost and Insane

12. Bleeding for the Cause

13. Escalation 'til Extermination

14. Privileged Prick

15. Short Fuse

16. Violence in the Air

17. It Will Never Happen

18. The Cold Room