Band Name: Shinobi Ninja



  • Vocals: Duke Sims, Baby G

  • Drums: Terminator Dave

  • Lead Guitar: Maniak Mike

  • Bass: Alien Lex

  • DJ - Axis Powers


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Instagram: @ShinobiNinja

Vine: @ShinobiNinja


Genre: Metal


How did your fans respond to your newest album “fun bang”?


They loved it. People like when we come out with new music cause they don’t know what its gonna sound like. Its a rad experience all around.



What brand of instrument do you use? 


All different types. We all have specific interesting equipment. Except Baby G. She just rocks the tambourine for now.



What bands have influenced your music style?


All the dope bands. Even bands from CDS that the god got in thrift stores. Some dope random awesome.



What is the craziest fan story you have?


Too crazy, Can’t tell it cause that’s like adding more fire to the crazy fire and we don’t want any more craziness. 



Are there any Album launches coming up?


Our new album Bless Up is arriving for thouest ears in November!!!



What is your favorite song to perform live?


Usual something that’s fresh. The new freshest track. Or whatever hardcore tracks we got were we can just wild out.



What is your favorite concert memory?


Randalls Island was an awesome place to play. Being from NY. Seeing my first show there. That was dope to rock it and can’t wait to do it again.



If you could pick any festival in the world to perform at which festival would you pick and why?


Bonnaroo. Need that one you feel my god!!!




If you could have any band/performer sing of your songs, which would it be and would it be in your style or theirs?


Jack Black. No words need be spoken as to why. 



As we are promoting your band, is there anything coming up like album launches or tour dates you would like us to promote on our site for you?


We just released a new video for Bending Spoons from our new album Bless Up. We’re releasing new music and videos every Tuesday. Its dope. Your dope. Much Love. Duke Sims. Doobie Aarnold the Tres.