Born in 2006, Saħħar is the brainchild of Marton Saliba, where he embarked a mission to create the harshest sounds in Malta. His music revolves around themes lied in death, the occult & the impending doom of mankind. Overall, Saħħar released 5 Albums, and 6 Eps, not including the original demos at his personal studio.


In April 2017, Saħħar opened for the Blackened Thrash band ‘Destroyer666’


In August 2017, Saħħar opened for the Black Metal legends ‘Mayhem’


In April 2018, Saħħar opened for the Industrial Metal Titans ‘Gothminister’


Saħħar is an indomitable monster which never ceases to write more ruinous music.. Each Album is a milestone of it's own, representing the improvement in both music and production.


SAHHAR sixth album is currently in production!


Album name: 'Tigrif Tal-Gnus' (Civilisation Collapse)


The new album will be finished by late August 2020!


Release will happen in December 2020!


SAHHAR ALBUM launch 4th December 2020! Saħħar is still unsigned! ...and looking for a label to call home!




2017 - Twinmusix
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