We were lucky enough to score an invite to watch Release The Hounds film their new video 'I want More' this weekend. The video clip was filmed at the bridge hotel in Balmain.

While Release The Hounds were on there break we had a quick chat with the front man Ben and got some of the juicy details from the video clip.

Why did you shoot your new video at the bridge hotel?


We like that place, we are a local band to Balmain and have always loved playing gigs there. It's a rock n roll venue which we think best suits us. Richard is a superstar down there, he made the day so easy for us and we think it will come out great.


What's your favourite part about shooting video clips?


To be honest my favourite part is when it's done hahaha. It takes a lot of preparation and co-ordinating, usually just relieved once we have the footage, then it's over to the production team to make us look good, which can be a hard task


How do you come up with a story line for your video clips, do you all sit down and discuss it or does one of you come up with it and the rest of disagree or agree?


I guess it's something me and Brett discuss and agree on. We went with a live type feel for this one as with both Andy and Louis joining the band guess we thought it would be good to reflect kind of what we now look like on stage. We always try and put something in that makes us laugh or take the piss out of ourselves. Can't take ourselves too seriously haha.

Release the Hounds will be heading to Melbourne In August for their launch party, the launch party will be held Cherry Bar on the 12th of August and the Sydney Launch party will be held at Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney on the 13th of August. We will be there covering the whole event, so make sure you watch this space.