Release Video For New Ballad, Hopelessly
Filmed In A Desolate Sydney CBD During Lock Down


“...surging rhythms ravaging riffs and powerful melodies...immense vocal presence and emotional weight… *newly charted musical ground*.” The Brag
“Red Sea unleash hell again…exceptionally powerful, very different…colossal vocals, exquisite guitars… truly a spectacle to behold.” Metal United Worldwide
Sydney groove metal quartet Red Sea have a new single and video, 
Hopelessly… and it is one hell of a departure from their usual pace!

Hopelessly… is the first ballad we’ve heard from Red Sea and albeit slower than their usual heavy groove, Hopelessly… still holds true to the band’s alternative, sometimes haunting, sound.

The song is stripped back, minimalist and thick with desire, longing and heartbreak. The instrumentation is about as restrained as heavy-metallers Daniels (guitars), Kelly (drums) and Muhari (bass) would probably ever want and Bowron’s vocals are achingly sensuous and gentle, almost reminiscent of Portishead’s Beth Gibbons. Producer Clayton Segelov (Shady Nasty, Sleepmakeswaves, Periphery) has created a sparse, intriguing and delicious soundscape where each note has space and clarity but hints of lo-fi effects create moments of white noise and texture throughout. 

Accompanying the song is the band’s haunting COVID19 video. Not your usual “iso video”, Hopelessly… is sophisticated, dreamy and surreal, almost futuristic. Shot in blue-ish black and white and almost entirely in slo-mo, there are dramatic city backdrops and single band members dwarfed by empty streets and soaring buildings. The video was filmed in only 4 hours in the centre of the Sydney CBD during the height of the lockdown in May 2020 with third-time Director (and frontwoman) Erica Bowron and Director of Photography Andy Stavert.

“We were set to make a completely different video, in a pub actually,” says Bowron, “and then COVID lockdown hit in March and, along with the rest of the world, we just stopped. After some weeks, Scott (Daniels) then suggested using the all-but-abandoned city centre. I loved the idea, called Andy straight away and we filmed 4 days later.”  

Watch & listen here

“Seeing places like the Sydney Opera House steps and Wynyard Station completely empty was truly eerie” says Bowron, “one of the best scenes we found was a single Police car in an otherwise deserted Bligh St. We filmed a lot of the dance footage here as well as the opening shot of me lying in the street. The city is usually teeming with traffic and people so being able to dance bare foot in the middle of the street is something that we’ll never be able to do again, I think of it as a ‘time-capsule’ piece of art” Bowron continues, “We knew we had to create something beautiful in an incredibly short amount of time so we followed a super loose idea of locations and then just set out exploring the city with open minds and eyes.”

After the first two visually-rich videos Hurricane and The Art of Transcending from Bowron, and Stavert, the duo have this time created a minimalist, almost sci-fi look and feel. The soaring, frozen, concrete and steel jungle juxtaposed against single human figures. The contrast of the huge, harsh city against warm and alive bodies looking for companionship. The tension of unreleased emotion and unrequited love only seeping in through subtle movements, until the climax of the song when the passion of the music is matched with frenetic visuals…then it all decays back to the same desolate loneliness and ends with the heartbreaking line, “in another life you’ll love me”.
Hopelessly… is the third single from Red Sea’s upcoming Sanguine EP, produced by Clayton Segelov it is due for release Friday, November 6. 


Red Sea burst onto the music landscape in 2016 with their debut EP Battlescar that was produced by triple Grammy nominated Rick Will (Fear Factory, NIN, Cold Chisel). After opening their first tour playing Sydney Opera House, a subsequent Australia and NZ Tour, and a line-up change, they then released two new-sound singles in 2018 with Producer Clayton Segelov (Shady Nasty, Sleepmakeswaves, Periphery). These were accompanied by kickass videos - Hurricane and The Art of Transcending by Director and frontwoman Bowron.

In 2019 they were back in the studio with Segelov and released the first two singles from the upcoming Sanguine EP – groove metal The One, and full-tilt angry metal The Score.


They are now following them up with a third single, the ballad Hopelessly… accompanied by a haunting “iso video” filmed in the Sydney CBD during the COVID19 lockdown. These three, highly varied, singles are an exciting precursor to their highly anticipated second EP, Sanguine, due for release 6 November 2020.

With a sound likened to the love child of Jinjer and Gojira (with sprinkles of Spiritbox and Caligula’s Horse), Red Sea stand out among a…um…sea of sameness.

Red Sea are:
Erica Bowron: Vocals
Scot Daniels: Guitar
Pete Kelly: Drums
Attila Muhari: Bass

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