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RAGE BEHIND drops new wickedly heavy single/visualizer ‘Season Of Blood’!


Watch ‘Season Of Blood’ now:

Aggressive metal band Rage Behind brings back a devastating thrash metal vibe that aggregates battle when vocals and drums come in with its brutal precision and an evil guitar solo in their fifth single, ‘Season Of Blood’!

Watch and listen to this groove thrash monster here:

"A battle that keeps our dreams alive makes you remember to take nothing for granted." - Rage Behind

Rage Behind honours the legacy of the modern groove metal and thrash metal titans, and ‘Season Of Blood’ certainly exhibits that metal-type sound. The fuel of the French band is passion, anger, and ambition. 

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Vitali Lukas - Vocals
Jerry Ho - Lead guitar
Max Liva - Rhythm Guitar
Stan Morgan - Bass
Edward Vale – Drums

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