Australian Progressive & Experimental Metal

Sydney, Australia based Project 34 represents a journey through the unknown.
Project 34 released Volume 1 in 2018. Focusing heavily on atmospherics, chanting, hypnotic guitar loops and laced with vocals evoking the extreme range of human capability, Volume 1 set the mood for what is now to follow.

Volume 2 is a year of musical and artistic reflection through a timeless atmosphere. WIth the envelope pushed further, this is a release to immerse yourself in and be transported to another realm.

This is not a band, rather a boundary-less view within ones subconscious soul, unlocking the endless stream of creation once believed unattainable.

Project 34 features members of Australian progressive metal act Sanctium and many other guest performers who remain nameless so the music can truly do the talking.

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For Fans Of: Progressive Metal, Experimental & Atmospheric Music