Parricide was formed in Chełm, Poland, in 1990 as a result of two local bands, Kreuzer and Lokis, splitting up. The idea was to play blazing fast, heavy, and brutal Death Metal. Parricide has released eight full-length albums in their active 25 years. The three albums by the original lineup in the 90s will be officially reissued by Awakening Records, including a lot of unpublished band photos, demos, and liner notes by an original band member. All tracks have been remastered in early 2020! Dedicated to all maniacs obsessed with Old School Death Metal!

All three album will be released on the 12/12/2020 via Awakening Records.

Fascination of Indifference



01. Enslavery
02. Fascination of Indifference
03. Swarving to Solitude
04. Beyond All This
05. Nothing to Be Said
06. State of Mind
07. Ability of Comprehension
08. Play Your Insanity
09. Disturbing Thoughts
10. Rot in Peace
11. Perpetual Fate
12. Outburst of Fury
13. The Barboring Image
14. Hidden Truth
15. Cult of Personality

Accustomed to Illusion


01. Nonsense's Real
02. Bodiless Concealed
03. Cobweb on the Soul
04. Endless Frustration
05. Seclusion
06. Fear
07. Accustomed to Illusion
08. I Am Cursed
09. Controversial Views
10. Dialogue of the Thoughts
11. Unexpected Emptiness
12.Behind the Scenes
13. Drown in Misery
14. Mentally Insane
15. Pushed Aside



01. Conditional Infinity
02. Nothing Twice
03. Narrow-Minded
04. Mad Arrives
05. Indignation
06. Pandemic Destruction
07. Intoxicating Despair
08. Deceived
09. Lofty Rhetoric
10. I Feel Nothing
11. Deranged
12. Watched (By Shades)

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