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Pain are a band from Sweden that combines heavy metal, electronic music and techno into one. Peter Tägtgren started Pain as a side project to his other band hos in the 1980. To date Pain have released 8 Studio albums and done meny tours around the world last night we were lucky enough to see pain play in sydney.

The lights went out and Rebel Yell started playing while Pain walked on stage once everyone took their places Pain opened up with their first song for the night "Dancing with the Dead" the band and the audience were haedbanging along to every word.

Peter says to the crowd "Are you people ready" as the crowd cheered the band proceeded to play "Monkey Business". 
Followed by  "Black Knight Satellite" Peter yells out to the audience to sing along to the chorus and everyone joins in singing every word.

Greger start clapping and the  crowd joind then Greger says "sydney clap your hands are you ready" and Pain play "Suicide Machine" while Peter was not singing the band head banged along to the melody of the music and went into the next song"The Great Pretender".

Peter says to the crowd "say hey" and the crowd says hey, then Peter says  "what are you f****** doing tonight" and the crowd cheers. Peter then says  "finally we're here we've been waiting a lifetime and a half so are you ready" and the crowd screams play it louder and peter responds with " oh yeh we have to check out Australian women you know, do we have and in here" and the crowd cheered. Peter says ladies do ypu feel dirty and everyone cheered even louder. And Pain play "Dirty Woman". Followed by  "Just Hate Me" and "Zombie Slam".

Peter stops and says "you bastards all you people are so friendly f*** you this n that I love this country I swear to God so different from any other country, we have time to talk s*** I tell you one thing everyone's so happy in Australia and i can see why you have no worries, ho back to Europe and it like WW3" and the crowd laughs then Peter says "if you go and buy it a cigarette or Coca-Cola everyone's happy it's super cool thank you very much Sydney" and the crowd clappes and cheers and Pain play "Same Old Song" and then "Call Me, End of aThe line, Nailed to the Ground and coming Home"

 Peter thanks the audiance and plays "On and On". Throughout  the song the Band change microphones they are standing behind to play parts of the song.

pain walks off stage and the crowd started cheering for more so Pain walks back on stage and start playing "You Only Live Twice" followed by "Eleanor Rigby" Which was a song originally a song by The Beatles.

Peter says "We want to thank you for coming tonight this is a wonderful fanalley " and the band play "Shut your Mouth" at the end of the song everyone  disappeared from stage except for David who played an epic Drum solo then the rest of the Band comes back on stage to tinish an epic night. While the band walk off stage "My Way" plays in the background by "Elvis Presley".
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