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Our Mirage was formed in March 2017, the bands first single was ‘Nightfall’, and this video received over 200,000 views in 2 weeks. In one year Our Mirage has released 4 singles and reached almost 3 million. They have been pushing relentlessly and they toured Europe in November 2017. Our Mirage are geared up to release their first album Lifeline, and plan to tour extenesevly with this album.


The 11 tracks on this album are written, recorded, mixed and mastered by the main vocalist Timo Bonner at Mega Blaster Recordings. Twinmusix got to speak to Timo Bonner about his upcoming album, tour and more. 


TM- You went from 0 to 2 million followers in one year, how is it to get so big in a small period of time?

TB-  The channel we released the song on dream Bound which is melodic
post hardcore. Post-hardcore and melodic metalcore music and our lyrics and music reached and touched a lot of people.

TM- How did you come up with your video for Nightfall?

 TB- The video was my idea, I asked my friend in Germany who does a lot of videos for other bands. I knew him from another band, we used him because we have shot videos with him before. I asked him to do a very simple video of me and my best friend who's acting I wanted to represent, someone that was depressed and screaming from the inside.

TM- Can you tell us a tour story?

Our first show of the tour was the 2nd show we have ever played. In Italy they have toll booths on their highways and we were waiting in the line and someone hit from behind kept on coming to close to our car so I'll guitarist wanted to jump out of the car and confront, except he didn't end up doing it. 



TM- ah that sucks! I hope your van was alright. It sucks when accidents happen.


TM- What's your favourite memory of watching someone else play live?

TB- In 2010 
i was on a festival and Parkway Drive were on the same lineup. As the guitarist had broken his leg he was playing his guitar while he was in a wheelchair. That was a real inspiration to me and ever since that say I swore if I ever broke my leg or obtained another injury I would also come out on stage and play. 


TM- That is awesome, I love the commitment that shows, i love how you care about your fans and will play no matter what.

TM- What's your favorite memory playing live?

TB- When you're in the front of a crowd and everyone sings along to your songs.



TM- yeh i am definitely one of those people that sing along to every song when i go to a gig.

TM- If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style others?

Wage war playing lost in their style.

TM- What instruments play on stage compared to the studio?

TB- Onstage we have a live
rigg, inears, line 6 pod HD for his guitar and it's programmed with sound switches, fender costume, SG Ibanez bass, line 6 bass pod.

TM- If you had to choose one song a biography title what would it be and why?

TB- Believe because all our songs at about believe that the future will change.


TM- Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

TB- We are releasing our Album on the 24th so check it out

Get album link -


TM- thank you for the interview today, I really appreciate it! 






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