NOVELISTS are a progressive metal band from Paris. The band started out in early 2013, when Florestan and Amael Durand met former A CALL TO SINCERITY members Matteo Gelsomino, Nicolas Delestrade and Charles-Henri Teule, and the rest is history..


NOVELISTS started out on a strong footing with the release of 6 singles, one every two months, those tracks creating the foundations for a strong and loyal fan base from the get-go. NOVELISTS then released their debut album via Arising Empire / Nuclear Blast in November 2015.


After touring Europe, extensively with bands such as FOR TODAY, BREAKDOWN OF SANITY, DREAM ON DREAMER, SILENT PLANET etc. NOVELISTS embarked on a 2017 summer tour with established bands WHILE SHE SLEEPS and NORTHLANE. It was the perfect conclusion to the »Souvenirs« album cycle.


Finally, NOVELISTS are back with a follow up concept album, musingly named »Noir«, which will be released on the 8th of September via Arising Empire in Europe and SharpTone Records in the USA. “Noir describes the atmosphere which encompasses the lyrics throughout the record; it was important for us to find a French word as a title for the album as it is a big part of our identity, a part that we’re very proud of. Even though today’s music industry makes it mandatory for us to sing in English, we still like putting some hints in here and there.’’


»Noir« is divided into 4 chapters, all of which contain their own emotion, feeling, guitar tuning, and even their own production/mixing. “We have worked so hard on this record for a very long time, we wanted to make sure there were no compromises in making this album, which also made the process quite painful, but we couldn’t be happier and proud of the end result.” NOVELISTS have become, in only a few years, a rising star within the progressive metal scene and it seems that they are now ready to not only justify this tag, but to also exceed all expectations by releasing their purposeful and highly accomplished second record.

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