Releases Talk To Me Single
To Highlight Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder
Encourages Open Discussion On Bell 'Let's Talk Day'

WHO: Nikki Sixx of Mötely Crüe and Sixx:A.M.

WHAT: Nikki Sixx will use his platform to call attention to the connection between Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder (2 topics with intense stigma associated with their discussion) via the Canadian-based, international event, BELL ‘LET’S TALK’ day.

Any re-posts of one of his posts bearing the #BellLetsTalk hashtag will trigger a 5-cent donation from Bell Media to Canadian Mental Health initiatives.

To highlight the efforts to open up lines of communication, Sixx:A.M. will release the long-awaited video for their song “Talk To Me.” The track, originally released in September 2019, invites each of us to take the first step toward mutual understanding and healing using the power of conversation.

WHEN: Thursday, January 30 (Australia)

WHERE: Facebook: @nikkisixxofficial / @sixxammusic

Twitter: @nikkisixx / @sixxam

Instagram: @nikkisixxpixx / @sixxam

WHY: Substance use disorder can come from self-medication for mental health problems. Getting help for both problems is essential and not a sign of weakness. Engage with Nikki via social media and help #BellLetsTalk reach as many people as possible.

Watch Talk To Me here

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