Unveil Cinematic Epic Video For No Holding Back
New Album Shehili Out May 3

Tunisian metal masters, Myrath will release their incredible new album Shehili on May via earMusic

The band have just released the latest single called “No Holding Back” from their new album “Shehili”.
The powerfully melodic single “No Holding Back” is another intoxicating track representing “Blazing Desert Metal” and MYRATH as the trailblazer of that new exciting genre.

The impressive video takes the viewer back into the enchantingly exotic world of adventure, that, through the previous videos of “Believer” and “Dance”, has been an integral stepping stone in MYRATH establishing themselves as one of the most fascinating bands in the current international metal scene. “No Holding Back” is the cinematic grand finale in the trilogy surrounding the three videos. It is the final instalment of a tale that shows the band members as avatars fighting for a peaceful world and for those who stand up against oppression in a world full of uncertainty. “No Holding Back” shows that the band not only displays a high sense for wonder and storytelling, but their undeniable musical finesse and ability to combine powerful melodies with strong lyrics stands obvious above all.

Watch the video for No Holding Back here:

Giants snakes crawling through the streets, a pirate like ship during a storm, flights over a desert city, check it out  the massive behind the scenes video here

“Shehili” will be released as a CD Digipak, 1LP+Download and Digital on May 3 via earMUSIC. 

Watch the live video for Born To Survive 

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In the third video is also the completion of the video trilogy. The avatars navigate to Sultan’s place in order to defy him and get the boy back. After fights and magic, they make it but are followed by Sultan Omar and his henchmen in the real world. Can this really be the end…? 


Although Tunisian republic is quite a recent state (1957), its history is very ancient.


The Carthaginian Empire which challenged Rome was born in 9th century BC created by the Phoenicians (actual Lebanon) on lands originally inhabited by Berbers.

Due to the geographic situation of the Tunis Golf, Carthage became the dominant civilization in the Western Mediterranean.

They’ve been defeated by short stake by Romans in 146 BC who renamed Carthage to Afriquia (which give the name for the whole continent).

The Culture of Tunisia (as its inhabitants) is mixed and diverse due to its long established history of outside influence from people - such as Berbers, Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, Turks, Italian, Spaniards and French – who all left their mark on the country.


No wonders that Myrath is producing such a diverse music and that they chose Carthage for the setting of their first upcoming DVD

(we filmed the concert, which will be released as a live DVD in the future).


Tunisia is a Republic and considered to have the most modern constitution of the Eastern World. Nevertheless during the years from its independence to the Jasmin Revolution it was, as the Guardian quoted it “one of the most modern but repressive countries in the Arab World”.


Dictatorship and corruption was the rule until, the 17 December of 2017, Mohamed Bouazizi a 26 year old Tunisian street vendor set himself afire in protest at the confiscation of his wares and the humiliation inflected on him by municipal officers. It was the catalyst of mass demonstrations of an intensive campaign of civil resistance which led to give the people their freedom back and the Ben Ali family to exile. This Jasmin revolution was the epicenter of a movement which spread to Egypt, Libya, Syria…and change the face of this region.


As citizens, the Myrath guys despite the fact that they don’t speak much about it, took their part in this Revolution and during the recording of “Tales of the Sands” they had to literally fight to defend their neighbourhood against looters and repressive forces in a chaotic post-revolution Tunisia.

Of course the Revolution haven’t solved all the problems and the democratic process is still on, but so far, the country is pacified and strongly anchored in the modern world, the freedom of speech is a reality and women have their shares.

All communities live in peace, with a strong pride of having won their freedom, staying alert to not let any dictatorship (laic or religious) to rise again.



How odd is this sentence : “Myrath a Tunisian metal band “, could you imagine, knowing the context, the self-confidence, the mental strength, the power of will that those guys must have had to rise up and become today one the most fresh and respected newcomer metal band in the world !


Tunisia like many African countries (except South Africa) doesn’t have rehearsal places, rock music school, venues or even proper recording studios.


On top of that in most Islamic countries, Metal heads are perceived as devil worshippers.

In 2003, in Morocco a trial lead to jail metal fans and musicians :

Since then, situation has improved and changed :


But back then, creating a metal band in those countries was an act of faith and the numbers of problems faced seemed impossible to exceed.


On July 19th 2018, Myrath gathered 7.000 fans in what is still today the biggest Metal show to took place in Tunisia, in the sumptuous Roman amphitheater of Carthage.

What an achievement !


Myrath now is not only perceived as a music band in Africa, but as a beacon of hope for many musicians who follows their trails. They have shown to the world that if you believe in your dreams and work hard to stick to it, no matter the odds, anything might happen! They very well deserve their name which means Legacy.



Myrath’s music is fun, full of joy and hope, far from the depressed and gloomy feelings mainly expressed in most of the metal music nowadays. Why not ? Those guys consider themselves lucky and fortunate (they all are very humble and down to earth). It’s very traditional in the culture to be happy of what you have and see the glass half full instead of half empty. This is the DNA of what they are as human beings and therefore as musicians.


Nevertheless, Maryth’s lyrics speak about the power of beliefs, about fighting for your freedom and most of time are related to what they experienced in their lives as citizens or as a band who clearly has to fight to survive.


It’s definitely not a “political” band in the way Rage Against the Machine or Social Distorsion, or even to stay in the Oriental Metal, Orphaned Land could be. Their “political” side is more subtle but yet there.


In the ancient times, Tales were used to mesmerize, entertain but also educate people and telling things that can’t be told otherwise due to the censorship. In that tradition,Myrath has created a world of fantasy inspired by the “One thousand and one nights aka Tales of Arabian Nights” book.


One Thousand and One Nights (Arabic: أَلْف لَيْلَة وَلَيْلَة‎, translit. ʾAlf layla wa-layla)[1] is a collection of Middle Eastern folk tales compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age. It is often known in English as the Arabian Nights, from the first English-language edition (c. 1706 – c. 1721), which rendered the title as The Arabian Nights' Entertainment.

The work was collected over many centuries by various authors, translators, and scholars across West, Central, and South Asia and North Africa. Some tales themselves trace their roots back to ancient and medieval ArabicPersianGreekIndianJewish and Turkish[3] folklore and literature. In particular, many tales were originally folk stories from the  Abbasid and Mamluk eras, while others, especially the frame story, are most probably drawn from the Pahlavi Persian work  Hezār Afsān (Persian: هزار افسان‎, lit. A Thousand Tales), which in turn relied partly on Indian elements.


Basically the story told behind the three videos to date is the following :


By the power of a magic Hourglass, Myrath’s lead singer Zaher is projected to an oriental world of fantasy where his actions lead the people to get rid from their evil oppressor: Sultan Jafar (“Believer” video). This was not the primary intention of the character played by Zaher, but it happened like the Jasmin Revolution started small to become a sandstorm and give the people their freedom back.


In the second video, although a large part of the fantasy world is free now, threats still exists and deep east in Samarkand, Sultan Jafar’s cousin, Sultan Omar have sworn to strike back and seeking vengeance wanting the ancient order to be restored. Zaher’s cousin by touching stuff is not supposed to (a family bad habit as it seems…) project himself in the fantasy world where Myrath’s avatars will search for him to bring him back, but once they’re close to succeed, Sultan Omar’s corrupt the portal and kidnap the boy, challenging Myrath’s avatars to come and get him. 

(“Dance” video

Once again, the “sub-text” is to be searched in their real life, peace is fragile as Jasmin flower and you can’t let you vigilance down as oppression is still waiting to rise back.


In the third video, Myrath’s avatars navigate to Sultan’s place in order to defy him and get the boy back. After fights and magic, they make it but are followed by Sultan Omar and his henchmen in the real world. The End… ?


The fight against oppression never ends…



All of Myrath’s band members have been accurately chosen among the most iconic characters from Arabian Nights.
Each of them has a strong meaning and express the personality of each members of the band.


Zaher Zorgati (Lead Singer) : The Poor who become Prince  

As the lead singer, Zaher is the flagship of Myrath and represents the voice of the common people.

Like Aladdin in the stories who is mixed by the Prince of Persia in the nowadays folklore, he wins the right to be Prince not because of his birth but by his values in a fight he didn’t ask for but stand for.

Knowing the background of the band, this character fits him like a glove.


Malek Ben Arbia (guitarist) : The Genius / Master of Smoke

It’s a common mistake to see the Genius as the most powerful creature in the oriental tales.

In fact they are, as basically they have the power of a God but they are always enslaved to a magic ring or a magic lamp and submitted to the will of a master… but just for three wishes.

So their powers and skills are always at service and they have to self-restraint to make theirs ways.

Malek is a highly gifted guitarist but his gift is always used on purpose in Myrath’s music, his interventions are always placed to serve the music, nothing more, nothing less.

Having created the band and led them all those times against the opposite winds is a pretty good definition of the real power of a Genius to me.


Elyes Bouchoucha (keyboards) : The Magician

Elyes is the one in charge in Myrath to arrange the Oriental parts and instruments and to fit them in Myrath’s music.

He has a high degree in Musicology. The way he has made it so obvious and fluent is a kind of magic, no doubt about it.


Anis Jouini (Bass) : The Warrior

Anis is a strong man, he was one of the first tattooed in Tunisia and never been afraid to expose himself, even in a period where been tattoed and played metal was definitely risky.

His strong of will and steel mental was always an inner strength for the band and Anis always help the band to keep the direction even in the darkest moments.

Therefore, no surprise that his avatar is capable of breaking stone and face army in the Fantasy World, a true Warrior indeed !


Morgan Berthet (Drums) : The Sailor  

The French of the band. Morgan was always a traveler, curious, open minded, he played in his cursus many styles and genres and have nothing to do with the usual metal drummer’s background.

He took Myrath’s sticks in 2011 for good and decide after many past experiences that it was it ! he finally find “his” band.

Make his Avatar, an adventurer, a sailor who command to water was quite obvious then, he is Sinbad.


Kevin Codfert (Producer- Co-composer- Keyboards) : The Crow

Kevin is a highly accomplished French musician (gold medal of the National French Conservatory with an A+ at 13) and sound engineer, his path crossed Myrath in 2005.

Since then he is their producer and the one who helped them to find their unique sound throughout the years, you can consider him as the 6th members of the band despite the fact that he works from the backseat. In a lot of cultures, the crow is considered as an animal who can lead the way through other worlds and dimension (often the dead realm but not only).

As Kevin was the one who helped Myrath to make their way through the business and lead them in their musical journey, make him appears as the Crow who open the door to the Fanatsy World and help them in their fights was again a natural choice.


Sultan Omar  : the “Bad Guy”

Sultan Omar is a fictional character, he could be seen as impersonating the blind oppression, heir of an order which is not questioning itself about the wellness of its people. Why changing things if it’s good for him? So when his cousin is defeated, he don’t understand what’s going on, and only seek revenge. In Arabian Nights tales, the main frame is telling the story of the Sultan Sharyar who has decided to take a new wife every day and kill her the morning after in order to never be cheated. His last wife, the vizir’s (prime minister sort of) daughter, Sheherazade, decided then to tell him stories so entertaining and full of wisdom that Sharyar postponed her execution day by day.