Come Out Of Hiatus To Release New EP: Rise And Fall
New Video For More

Melbourne's (MSC) My Secret Circus have been chained, poked and probed these past couple of years, having battled through hurdles beyond their control which has seen them pause. 

But the PLAY button has been slammed on with gusto for the release of their eagerly anticipated work as it reaches the masses, as well as their patient fans - who have all been riding this roller coaster with them. 


Today, Tuesday, November 13, sees My Secret Circus release

Are you ready for My Secret Circus? 
long awaited new EP,
Rise And Fall - No preamble, no pre-
promtion, here it is, ready for their fans to jump right in.

My Secret Circus also present Rise And Fall via a music video for the track More


Watch More Here


With their chains unshackled and a new smell of freedom, MSC are doing things their own way, with no rules to hold them back any longer.  My Secret Circus have a story to tell you and it’s one that isn’t so secret anymore. It involves standing up, dusting yourself off and sticking it to the man.


MSC vocalist Dan Marazita says of More: "I think that More visually and sonically represents the band in so many ways.  Dark aggressive catchy and honest! We returned to our roots with this one and did it our own way using the MSC team for all aspects of it. We’ve found that special ingredient again and we ain't looking back."


Marazita continues, regarding the bands hiatus, “We want to thank all of our followers and fans who rode the bumpy roads with us. Even after we set off overseas and were challenged by things which were out of our control, they continued to stay loyal to us, even though our silence must have been deafening...  That faith from our fans and friends pushed us through to the other side with an even more fierce determination, more industry knowledge and a helluva lot of ammunition which we will use to blast out again in 2019”. 


It’s a new beginning for these guys so strap yourselves in for a hectic ride as they tell you a story using THEIR words only. 

And music of course. 

Rise And Fall
is out now!

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