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Mike Portnoy is an American drummer and was the co-founder and backing vocalist for the progressive metal/rock band Dream Theater. He has an extremely successful music career and has made a great name for himself in the music industry, he has toured and recorded with bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Twisted Sister , Flying Colors and the Neal Morse band just to name a few.

Mike Portnoy was in Sydney on Friday night, he played all the hits you know and love from Dream Theater. The show opened with a bang, the moving backdrop instantly pulled you in as you were waiting for Mike Portnoy to come on stage. He walked onto the stage as the crowd were chanting ‘Portnoy’ and proceeded to play three songs. Mike started off the set with his hit regression he then proceeded to play Overture 1928 and Strange Déjà Vu, these songs were off Dream Theaters album Metropolis part 2: Scenes from a memory, which was released in1999.

After three songs in Mike Portnoy did a speech and the crowd and started chanting ‘Portnoy’ again, Mike talked about how excited he was to be playing shows again, and continued to introduce the band. The band consisted of Gillete, Charlie Griffith and Richard Henshall on the guitar , Connor Green on bass and Diego Tejeida on keys.


He proceeded to tell the crowd it was his 50th birthday present to them and the crowd started singing Happy Birthday. Mike contuined the set with more Dream Theater songs. Mike Portnoy  put on one hell of a performance, the crowd was filled with excited fans and he left the stage with fans just waiting for the next show to hit our shores. 

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