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Methane got signed by Sony and Dark Star Records in October 2016 and are now realising their new Album called “The Devil’s Own” We were lucky enough to score an exclusive pre listening Methane’s new CD.

The music was catchy and I was head banging while listening to their tracks. My favourite track on the album was “Peel off the skin” I loved the riffs they used throughout the song and I could defiantly see myself playing their CD on repeat.

We love Methane’s album cover art as it is colourful and appealing to the eye, it draws you in and makes you want to buy the CD. The Album cover art was designed by “Christian Wallin” and the back cover was designed by “Arthur Crowe”.

Methane is releasing their album "The Devils Own" which is coming out to their online store on the 17th of February and on the 5th of May 2017 you can purchase a copy of the CD on: