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LUCIFER Release Single 'I Would Follow You Babe' Feat. GRAVEYARD'S Joakim Nilsson + The Song Will Be The Official Anthem Of Mystic Festival 2024

Heavy rock megalith LUCIFER has teamed up with GRAVEYARD's Joakim Nilsson to record an English cover version of Polish rock evergreen 'Poszlabym za toba' by the band Breakout, which was originally released in 1969. The song 'I Would Follow You Babe' will serve as the official festival anthem of MYSTIC FESTIVAL 2024, Poland's biggest metal festival, which is located at the scenic shipyard of Gdansk.

LUCIFER played an unforgettable show at Mystic Festival in 2023. The group's music is an elegant tribute to the golden era of hard rock and heavy metal and the big crowd in attendance couldn't get enough of it last year. Their friend Joakim Nilsson, frontman of the Swedish band GRAVEYARD, provides guest vocals on the track. GRAVEYARD are grand masters of psychedelic, gloomy hard rock - which they will prove once again at this year's edition of Mystic Festival on June 7th. Both bands have recently released internationally acclaimed new albums , Lucifer V and Graveyard 6.

Picking a song from Breakout's repertoire has a symbolic meaning for Polish metal fans. The band was led by Tadeusz Nalepa who is considered one of the pioneers of hard rock in Poland and can therefore be called the forefather of heavy metal in that country.


LUCIFER's Johanna Sadonis commented:
"It's been an honour and great fun to take on this Polish classic together with Jocke for Mystic Festival. Nicke totally nailed it, making the song a very groovy Lucifer number. Jocke's voice fits Lucifer extremely well and totally went into some sort of galactic overdrive. He killed it! I just sort of eased back into a lower register, lacing myself around the boys' work, purposely taking a backseat here. I think this single turned out fantastic and makes me look extremely forward to this year's festival season! Can't wait to be back at Mystic festival again soon, too!"

'I Would Follow You Babe' by LUCIFER feat. Joakim Nilsson (GRAVEYARD) will be released as a 7-inch single (gatefold) in a limited edition of 666 copies - to be purchased only at Mystic Festival 2024.

You can listen to 'I Would Follow You Babe' feat. Joakim Nilsson here:

Watch The Video For 'I Would Follow You Babe' feat. Joakim Nilsson here:




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