Small Heading

Love buzz

What’s the new single you have brought out?

It’s called broken

Have you got a video clip for it?

Not yet as we are in early stages of everything

How long have you been together as a band?

Officially we have been together for two years.

How long have you been touring for?

We have been to Sydney and Melbourne last year we started going feather out with the band. But after we record more and get an EP together we will organise a full run of shows.

What inspired you to get into music?


I heard they give out free beer to the bands, pretty much don’t have any friends and it gives us something to do.

What bands inspired you to get into music?

Back in the day a lot of nirvana to start off with it would have to be them.

Who writes the music in your band?

All of us we normally sing the songs that we normally write, it’s a cool system. One of us will say I have this song it’s about 90percent complete and we bring everyone together and finish it off.

What’s your recording process?

When we recorded broken we did it in a mates studio in Sydney, went in did drums and guitar. Did most of it solo put it together did the vocals somewhere else.


Do you ever change lyrics in live set?

All the time but not on purpose we are pretty forgetful, a few people know our songs but none of our mates know them and when you stuff up the lyrics you are like me they are the lyrics they will change again but that’s alright.

Can you explain your bass rig?

I play guitar and I use to play bass, I keep my guitar sound thick and fat I play through a bass amp and I use an amp to thicken it up. The reason I play guitar is because I played that before I played bass. Every time he wrote a song he would bring it to us on guitar and show us how to play it on guitar so I was playing guitar as I would play the bass.

How did you come up with your band name?

Me and my brother use to smash out Narvana covers and we got asked to do a youth centre show once. And we needed a name so we picked one of the songs that we knew.

If you could have any band play one of your songs what song would it be? Would it be in your style or there’s? Which band would you choose?

I would say Kais desert sessions in their style.

What’s your favourite concert memory you have played?

We played a party for an 18 and 19 year old at a farm down the coast there were a few people there, they said it was going to be packed because it was in a farm we thought ok whatever, rocked up there were hundreds of people there, there wasn’t a stage there was a guard of people standing between us and the crowd. Mid song they picked me up and I was on some guys shoulders and my guitar was bouncing off his forehead. The mic wasn’t there I couldn’t sing and everyone was loving it.

What’s the best festival or show you have played?

I think yours and Owls festival is the best we have played I also really liked High Fest with Superfly and Herd Ons.

Do you prefer playing bigger or smaller venues?

Definitely smaller venues because we can turn up our amps as much as we want, the sound guy tells us to turn it down a lot.

What band is good to see that are local Australia?

Toddie, Raised as Wolfs, Hoon and Los Labious