Controversial Book On The Scandinavian Black Metal Scene, 
Now A Highly Anticipated Movie Directed By Jonas Åkerlund


MONSTER FEST in association with UMBRELLA FILMS are proud to present “ONE NIGHT ONLY screenings” of the black metal biopic LORDS OF CHAOS on on Friday February 22 across Australia and New Zealand. 

After two
sold out screenings at Monster Fest Melbourne in November last year, the long awaited movie adaptation of the infamous 2003 book is gearing up for it’s highly anticipated Australian release. 

Hardcore metal fans will no doubt already be familiar with the book, Written by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlin, that chronicled a series of shocking crimes that shook Oslo, Norway in the early 1990’s committed by the founders of the black metal bands MAYHEM and BURZUM and subsequently blew the lid off the underground Scandinavian Black Metal scene..
Combining a realistic look at the oft-neglected world of metal, a beautiful Norwegian setting, the blackest of black humour and brutally visceral scenes of violence, LORDS OF CHAOS may be the rare film that is
truly, uniquely “black metal”.
Director JONAS ÅKERLUND former drummer for pioneering 80’s black metal band BATHORY is uniquely placed to portray the realities of being in a black metal band. Despite the grim subject matter, Åkerlund manages to infuse the film with much heart and humour. 
Åkerlund says
of of the film ‘Lords of Chaos is a coming of age story about a highly ambitious black metal band that rocked Europe with endless scandals, murders, and arson before the days of "going viral." I am very grateful for the positive reception it has received by Australian audiences thus far and look forward to its theatrical release in this beautiful country. Lords of Chaos has been a 20-year journey for me and I am beyond humbled that this incredible story finally has the opportunity to grace the screens internationally, in Australia and around the world. Lords of Chaos is a story that has stuck with me for over 20 years, and it brings me great joy that Australian audiences get to witness one of the most remarkable triumphs and tragedies that rocked Europe and the music industry to its core"
“Lords of Chaos is a fascinating, suitably bleak window into a most infamous and disturbing corner of music history”
Shaun Munro - Flickering Myth
“more of a horror movie than a
biopic, and I still can’t accurately find the words to describe what this movie did to me emotionally and how it has forever traumatized my soul” 
Louisa Moore- Screen Zealots
“Intriguing, well-acted and impressively crafted story”.
Kaleem Aftab – Cineuropa
“Lords of Chaos provokes both awe and repulsion” 
Justin Lowe- Hollywood Reporter
Rory Culkin as Euronymous
Emory Cohen as Varg Vikernes
Sky Ferreira as Ann-Marit
Jack Kilmer as Dead

LORDS OF CHAOS will screen in cinemas across Australia & New Zealand for ONE NIGHT ONLY on
Friday February 22nd.

For cinemas, ticketing and full details, visit the Monster Fest site.