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ACHTUNG MINEN is the third studio album from UK rock/metal band LITTLE VILLAINS, featuring their new ongoing line-up: James Childs on vocals / bass, Owen Childs on guitar and Chris Fielden on drums. They play loud, hard and heavy. The band hope to tour in 2021, pandemics allowing! ACHTUNG MINEN was recorded during February 2020 at the Stujo in Los Angeles, California, USA and comprises 15 songs. Total runtime 53 mins. LITTLE VILLAIN'S first two albums, PHILTHY LIES (Heavy Psyche Sounds Records) and TAYLOR MADE (Cleopatra Records), featured the late, great Phil 'Philthy Animal' Taylor from the classic MOTÖRHEAD line-up. The band continues to rock in memory of their friend.

Artist: Little Villains

Album Title: Achtung Minen

Label: Spira Records

Release Date: 27th November 2020

Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal


Band Line-Up:

James Childs – Vocals and Bass

Owen Childs – Guitar and Vocals

Chris Fielden – Drums and Vocals

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