Release Video For Vacant Throne
Ruined Album To Be Released June 8 via Pelagic Records

Watch Vacant Throne here


Lesser Glow infuse epic doom with melodic and post metal. It all comes together on their debut album, Ruined, and on songs like “Vacant Throne,” where they take crushing, harsh vocals and juxtapose them with softer, melodic passages.

The band explain, “Vacant Throne” deals with the stress and pressure that often comes as part of the information age.
“The never ending stream of information has given urgency to often non-urgent matters, and that urgency manifests itself through fear.
Scroll, consume, forget, repeat.
We are watching singularity happen before our eyes. We build shrines to ourselves on social media while becoming outwardly less sociable, and the line of tangibility continues to blur.”

Previous clip for Ruined here



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In today’s world, there is an undeniable, ever-growing sea of noise. Like an ocean, it swirls together the sounds of humanity into a churning vat of anonymity, and we are drowning.

It is from this abyss that LESSER GLOW was born. A necessary change from the common kind, this Boston five-piece brings an undeniable heaviness, with lyrics and music coexisting in the same beautiful, dynamic and volatile space. Heavy but not excessive. Massive yet not gratuitous. Meticulous. Focused. Direct. Necessary.

The idea of LESSER GLOW grew as a response to the unrealistic progression of heavy music in recent years... generally feeling over-technical, over-produced and sometimes entirely fake.

With their upcoming debut release “Ruined”, Lesser Glow rips open a massively wide and confident blend of traditional doom meets melodic metal, paired with the likes of hardcore, post hardcore, noise rock, post rock and beyond. Molding all these into one cohesive mix, LESSER GLOW stand out as a refreshing and unapologetically brutal take on heavy music.


Gojira, Mastodon, Converge, Isis, Deftones, Sumac, Dillinger Escape Plan, Envy, Will Haven, The Jesus Lizard, Code Orange, Mare, Cult of Luna, etc.