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Led Zeppelin Masters - the all Australian production featuring Adelaide’s Zep Boys and The Black Dog Orchestra – returns to the Sydney Opera House in January 2019 before heading off to tour UK and Europe. We got to speak to Vince about his up coming tour and more.

TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

LZ - We have our setlist for our 20 ready to go, there are going to be over 30 instruments which have and all the music charts written out for them every time we do a show. We always try and improve the experience by focusing on certain members of the orchestra doing duets or doing pieces with the boys out the front or doing mysterious introductions of music that will go into an established song. We also always work on the sound and technical side because we always want to improve that when you combine the sound amplification and all the electronics really cool process because Symphony orchestras by their nature work acoustically rather than microphone up so we always have these challenges but we are always working on them.


TM - What's the hardest part about deconstructing a song and put it back together with the orchestra?

LZ - We have this lovely man called Nicholas Buck and Jamie Messenger who write all the music for the orchestra what they will do is take a Led Zeppelin track then they will talk to the boys in the band about the dynamics and how they want to put this song across.


TM - Your Orchestra has been around for 32 years how do you find it changing members?

LZ - It is challenging because we can't take the same Orchestra everywhere we go, so we have to get musicians and orchestras in each state that we go to it was a bit of a challenge to first time we did it because we had to rehearse every place we went. Now since we have been doing it for so long most of the musicians have already done this show with us so now we normally just run through the set the day before or the day of the show.

TM - You did a tour across the UK how was that?

LZ - It was awesome in the UK, we used to same Orchestra everywhere we went because England unlike Australia is smaller and it's got so many more millions of people so they traveled with us in the bus when we went to our shows. This mean some of them had to travel 2 or 3 hours a night to get home the was awesome the people were amazing they yelled they screamed, laughed and do we have a tour of the UK and Europe coming up in March and April next year. 


TM - Can you tell us a tour story?

LZ - We finished a show in Bristol and we had a day off to travel and the next gig was in Newcastle. We had a whole 24 hours off and Bradley wanted to see John Bonham grave because it was on the way and we were like yeah ok lets go find it. We got lost this little Country Lane and this lady was walking down her driveway and paul said i am going to ask this lady walking down her driveway if she knew where the chapel was.


Before Paul could say anything she said have you come to visit John and paul says yes we'll come to visit the grave and the lady said just drive down here and you'll see the chapel on your right. Then she says are you Australian and Paul says yes we are Australian and then she started the talking about Australia and when she visited. She didn't know that we were all in the back of this touring van so we opened up the door and she was shocked.

she said what's going on here and we said we're all on tour and she said oh my god are you all Australians and we say yes and she started talking about John Bonham and how she knows the family and started telling us about how the boys for a couple of songs about her family because of our farm and Bradley gose what's your name and she says Victoria Jennings and Bradley says so they wrote Jennings farm Blues about your property and she says yeah and my dog Enzo and we said your dog Enzo and she said yeah my boys named him that because they love Enzo Ferrari.

TM - What an amazing story, that is such a cool thing to happen on your day off.


LZ - It was a great experience, we are heading back to the UK for a tour, so hopefully we can catch up with her.

TM - Is there Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

LZ - After 32 years is pretty hard to announce new things we are playing the Sydney Opera House but you don't have to live in Sydney to see the shows. Sydney that time of the year is stunning and the harbour is brilliant so if you're looking for something to do if your family or friends bring them along and come and see us at Sydney Opera House its something you never forget.

TM - Thank you so much for our interview today, we really appreciate it and look forward to seeing you in Sydney. 




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