Release Video For Divino Afflante Spiritu 
Album Released Feb 8

Photo Credit: Fernando Yokota

Watch Divino Afflante Spiritu 


Divino Afflante Spiritu is the first single/videoclipe from Labirinto's new likewise named record. The whole album is very emotionally charged and the single/videoclip is no exception. 

"It was conceived at veryeverything in a dark but very beautiful way, full
It's a myriad of emotions that flood over us everytime we play the song. We tried to convey all these feelings in the video in a more surrealistic way. We shared the concept and ideas we had with clip director André Schutz and he was able to synthesize 
difficult moment when we had lost our very dear dog Joca, who had always been with us, since the beginning of Labirinto. This video is dedicated to him.  


metaphores." says Labirinto's guitarrist Erick Cruxen.


According to Schutz: "Adding images to instrumental music is a trap. You have to be very careful so that the plot doesn't steal the music's lead role. That's why we chose to create a visual atmosphere without a very clear narrative, but in which the conceptual elements would look more evident. 

We tried to build a space that would be located between the spiritual and mudane worlds and that's where the characters of the video gravitate.“ 


Album teaser 


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