Ozan Tuncer - Vocals

Arda Özkardeşler - Guitars

Hasan Safyürek - Bass

Oğulcan Gök - Drums

Inci Şentürker - Violin



How have the public responded to your new single liar?

SizoGod : We published the first song "Liar" and people's reactions are very well . We are getting messages related to the song . This is the first step and the response is satisfactory .

Arda:  We have received amazing feedback from people around the world . We receive messages that contain their thoughts on the song , their suggestions etc. It is precious for me , because it is the first song that we have published as a single . And seeing those people enjoy our music made me glad  .

Hasan : People liked it . We haven't received bad comments that much but we have faced with strong critics , too . And this kind of critics makes us happy , instead of the song being fully liked .


What year did your band form?

Arda : The band was formed in 2014 . It had several replacements of members since then , and is still on the road , we continue to produce new materials .

Hasan : It was formed in 2014 but through this process it had lots of changes . I have joined the band in 2015 . We have managed the skeleton crew this year .


What bands influence your style of music?

SizoGod : Strictly speaking there are many groups influence our style but we are committed to bring out our own music .

Arda : There are lots of different bands , who play different genres of metal , that influences us . They surely effect the songs that we write, but in the meaning of riffs and lyrics , we choose the ones that expresses us the best . The ones that we can call "our own music" .

Hasan : There are many bands that we like to listen to . This situation influences our playing style and compositions . But we try to form our music  in a way that we can name it as LPM.


What is your favourite concert memory?

SizoGod : My favourite concert is 1. Cukurova University Rock Fest , spectators were amazing . We played in front of 3 thousand people .

Arda : Each concert we give has its own special place for me . But I can tell that the spectators are one of the most important factors which makes a concert memorable for us . And we had amazing spectators at Cukurova University Rock Fest .

Hasan : As long as I am not nervous on that day , every single concert we give is my favourite . Because I enjoy being on the stage like its the first time .


What brand of instruments do you use?

Arda : I use an Epiphone Explorer Black Pearl Limited Edition guitar and Zoom G3X processor.

Hasan : Epiphone thunderbird goth and a  '96 Jackson


What’s the craziest fan story you have?

SizoGod : Once we played in city festival in Adana . The lineup consisted of popular music artists then we went on the stage , after the show we saw a lot of kids who wanted autographs from us .


How has your music changed through science 2014?

Hasan: Replacements of members have affected us and our style of music . But we were never monotone . Even if it was temporary , we have included our members' thoughts in our songs.

Arda: We have written songs in different genres of metal since the band was formed . Every thought was considered and was discussed on . With the latest addition of violin , I believe that our music will begin to take shape in a different way . 


As we are promoting your band, is there anything coming up like album launches or tour dates you would like us to promote on our site for you?

Arda : We will be on stage at Highway to Rock Fest 6 in Adana , on October 30th . There are other tour dates to be announced for Turkey . We plan to release the album in the last quarter of 2017.

Where can fans buy your merchandise and music?

Arda: Our music is not on sale yet , but our fans will be able to purchase our songs online in the future .