Brisbane's old-school punk rockers KOMBI KILLERS will release their new single ‘ScuMo’ through Riot Records on the 20th of July.

Australia was in the midst of the worst droughts in recorded history, bushfires raging the country with 75 lives lost. Prime Minister Scott Morrison (ScoMo) went on a secret holiday to Hawaii. That’s why KOMBI KILLERS dub him SCUMO! This energetic punk track doesn’t pull any punches. 

In March, KOMBI KILLERS released their debut single for Riot Records titled ‘Don’t Start’ - a classic punk anthem that delivered just the right amount of original old school punk attitude that satisfied the most rabid punk fan.

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These old school punk rockers based in Brisbane Australia have been belting out their original sounds for over a decade, highly influenced by the early punk scene they grew up in. 

Kombi Killers have had a few changes over the years. 2019 brought a new chapter of evolution, with their level of energy and passion for creating and performing original music stronger than ever.

Having previously recorded two EP’s (We Are Robot and Raise your Flag), Kombi Killers have built a strong following in the local scene. The band headed back into the studio in 2019 to re-record some favourites and some new tracks written collaboratively.

Steve Ingram – front man and vocalist, Steve was born in England and grew up during the punk revolution. Steve brings his raw and real attitude to every performance.
Dave Small – smashing the skins, Dave knows his beats! His hard and fast style is a key aspect of the Kombi Killers' sound. Dave plays the kit like he stole it!

Allan Dyer – slinging the six string is Al. Well-respected and always cool, calm, and collected, his melodic fills reflect his smooth and hassle-free style.
Steve Langford – chopping the other axe is Steve. Known for his no bullshit attitude, Steve brings an aggressive edge that compliments Al’s smooth style. His aggressiveness can be heard in every note.
Adam Markovich – belting out the bottom end with his thrash and hardcore background, Adam combines his love for heavy metal and punk rock. He brings his no-compromises attitude to the mix.
Stay angry - there is more to come!!