King Parrot release "Nor Is Yours" featuring Phil Anselmo. This is the
second instalment from the upcoming EP "Holed Up In The lair" to be released
in full on October 9. The entire EP of 4 tracks was written and recorded at
Anselmo's - Nodferatu's Lair in just four days while the band were in
Louisiana back in 2017.

"Nor Is Yours" kicks in with a thrashy punked out vibe throughout the verses
with Youngy delivering his trademark screeched out vocals. It flows into a
grindy, gritty and straight-up angry chorus, a mood that's perpetuated with
Phil joining in, adding an extra layer of depth and brutality. Both
vocalists employ different styles and tonalities creating a super aggressive
and intimidating blend. With lyrics such as "Shaved off and obliterated",
"Recognize the blood" and "Fuck Off", it's understandable in getting the
impression someone is pissed off!

Matt Young from the band states " When we came up with this song, it was
distinctly different to anything we had written previously on any of our
records. It has an up-tempo groove that reminded me of an AC/DC riff if it
was played by a grind or hardcore band. My head was busy trying to write
lyrics for the other tracks, and this one through me a curveball. Luckily we
had our ol' mate and one of the most prolific heavy metal vocalists of all
time Phil Anselmo lounging around in the studio. He accepted the challenge
to write and direct the lyrics and also add some vocals in for good measure.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we did writing and recording it."

Kings Parrots EP "Holed Up In The Lair" lands on October 9th and will be
available through all online platforms. The physical copies of the EP are
already over half-way sold out so you'd better be quick.
Pre-sales are up now for the limited run of only 1000 7" Vinyl pressing
available worldwide.

Pre-order "Holed Up In The Lair" - 7" Vinyl, merch and digital links:-

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