Toronto's IOMAIR Streaming New Single "Dance of Eternal Insanity"; Self-Titled Debut Album Out Sept 21st

Featuring Members of Vesperia, Astaroth Incarnate, Hallows Die,
Volur, Sludgehammer, Bloodmoon Collective, The Silence Factory

Inching near the release of their debut self titled album on September 21st, Toronto's newest progressive metal band IOMAIRRecruiting a cast of characters from several well-known Toronto Metal bands including Vesperia

"Dance of Eternal Insanity" is streaming along with previous singles at the following links:

are sharing with fans their third single "Dance of Eternal Insanity" to follow their two previous cuts "Embodiment of Emptiness" and “Cast Away”, which debut at #28 on the iTunes metal charts.

Asaroth Incarnate, Völur, Hallows Die, Sludgehammer, Bloodmoon Collective and The Silence Factory, IOMAIR was founded by drummer/vocalist Dylan Gowan. Combining haunting violin work with blackened growls, melodic singing, heavy riffs and thundering drums, IOMAIRTheir self-titled album was written by Gowan in 2017 as a way to cope with the personal challenges he faced throughout the year.  The nine-song release is a collection of musical stories

 creates a style that’s unique for all members involved.
thatcenter on the universal themes of love, yearning, trials of life and self-reflection. Spanning a multitude of influences including folk metal, melodic death metal, prog and even Latin music, IOMAIR aims to delight listeners with often unexpected twists while offering an outlet for hardship.

Gowan comments: 

“All the lyrics involved are about personal struggles, relationships and the trials of life. These experiences inspired me to write so that I could walk away from those experiences intact rather than broken. All of the tracks on the album are all about the personal struggles we all go through in life, and I hope people will find comfort in these songs knowing that they are not alone.”.

IOMAIR are suggested for fans of Opeth, Devin Townsend, Porcupine Tree and anyone who enjoys heavy, melodic progressive metal.


IOMAIR's self-titled debut album is set to be released worldwide on September 21, 2018 via Infamous Butcher Records and available for pre-order at the following link:  

The band will make their debut live performance as support act for Cellar Darling (Ex-Eluveitie) and Protokult at The Garrison in Toronto on September 14, 2018. Info here


Track Listing:
1. Cast Away
2. By Design
3. Dance of Eternal Insanity
4. Embodiment of Emptiness
5. What Are You Waiting For?
6. Cavalcade for None
7. Yearning
8. Healing
9. Forever Travelling Within

Album Band Line Up:
Dylan Gowan – Composition, Arrangements, Drums, Vocals
Sam Astaroth – Vocals
Tyler Williams – Bass
Morgan Rider – Bass
Gabriel Bateman – Vocals
Laura C. Bates – Violin
Nathan Schiller – Guitar

Live Band Line Up:
Dylan Gowan – Drums, Vocals
Sam Astaroth – Vocals
Tyler Williams – Bass
Gabriel Bateman – Vocals
Laura C. Bates – Violin
Nathan Schiller – Guitar
Mike Amicarelli – Guitar


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on Infamous Butcher Records.2018 draws influences from all genres including metal, folk, latin and funk and especially from bands such as Opeth, Cynic and Porcupine Tree. As the primary composer and songwriter for the band, Dylan approaches topics relating to personal struggles that everyone can relate to. “I hope people will find comfort in these songs knowing that you're not alone with your struggles.”  

The self-titled debut album features nine songs ranging from 4 and a half to 7 minutes in true prog fashion. It will be available September 21,
Iomair, (Scottish Gaelic for the word “Row”) is the experimental and progressive new band created by Drummer/Vocalist/Songwriter Dylan Gowan (Vesperia). The name reflects on Dylan’s Scottish/Irish ancestry and the songs are reflections of personal circumstances present in Dylan’s life.

Established in late 2017 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, with the desire to create something progressive and unorthodox,