Announce New Album 'Obelisk' Ahead of Australia/Japan Tour with Anaal Nathrakh & Watain

Australia's own progressive extreme metal wizards Hybrid Nightmares have announced their long-awaited follow up their debut full-length 'Almagest;, the album known as 'Obelisk'. A complete stand-out from their previous work, 'Obelisk' sees Hybrid Nightmares harness their sound further, embracing a chaotic-yet-progressive approach to extreme metal that can only be heard to be understood and appreciated.

The band have released the first single from the album, the six-minute long rager 'Star Fortress'. A clear sign of the impending doom that is Hybrid Nightmare's almost-astral sound, 'Star Fortress' raises sonic hell and properly cements Hybrid Nightmares as one of 2019's bands to watch out for.

Listen to 'Star Fortress'


“Obelisk” is the sort of album that I could rant about all day given how f*cking monumental it is as a whole, but I must leave it at something simple: truly, this is an album that demands to be heard." - Headbanger Reviews

"Hybrid Nightmares are one of Australia’s best extreme metal bands going and this album is another reason why.It is due out April 13th make sure you get this Album The Obelisk commands it earthlings." - CRANNK

Founder and drummer Adam Chapman speaks about 'Obelisk':
"'OBELISK' is a brutal journey through the darkest parts of space, and the darkest parts of a person’s soul. It melds Hybrid Nightmares’ traditional progressive sound with a darker, more primal sound that appeals to modern black, death and extreme metal fans."

In anticipation for 'Obelisk', Hybrid Nightmares will embark on a tour of South East Asia and Australia, supporting iconic metal acts Watain (Japan only) and Anaal Nathrakh.