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HOLY MOSES - release new single and video for the track “Cult Of The Machine”


2023 marks the final chapter in the long history of Germany’s legendary Thrash Metal act HOLY MOSES, celebrated with the bands upcoming new studio album "Invisible Queen" (Release: April 14th, 2023) and a last run of live shows.

Today HOLY MOSES release their new single including a music video clip for the track "Cult Of The Machine".

"The number alludes to "The New Machine of Liechtenstein". A fanatical cult has formed around the machine, which is now finally being smashed and destroyed to bring humanity back from the darkness," explains singer Sabina Classen, building another bridge from the past to the present.



"Invisible Queen" will be released on the following formats:
1-CD Jewelcase
2-CD Digipak incl. 12-Track Bonus CD "Invincible Friends"
1-LP in red/black marbled (ltd. 500 pieces)
1-LP in white/black marbled (ltd. 500 pieces)

At the Atomic Fire Records Webshop you can get a strictly limited - 200 pieces - boxset incl. the 2-CD digipak, a flag with the cover art, logo-patch, lanyard and a signed foto-card by all members.

Get your version here:

On the CD bonus album "Invincible Friends" you get all album tracks in special versions, featuring varous well-known guest singers: 

01. Downfall Of Mankind (Feat. Marloes Voskuil – Haliphron)
02. Cult Of The Machine (Feat. Bobby Ellsworth – Overkill)
03. Order Out Of Chaos (Feat. Diva Satanica – ex-Nervosa / Bloodhunter)
04. Invisible Queen (Feat. Ingo Bajonczak – Assassin / Bonded)
05. Alternative Reality (Feat. Tom Angelripper – Sodom)
06. The New Norm (Feat. Chris Staubach – Courageous)
07. Visions In Red (Feat. Rægina – Dæmonesq)
08. Outcasts (Feat. Leif Jensen – Dew-Scented)
09. Forces Great And Hidden (Feat. Gerre – Tankard)
10. Too Far Gone (Feat. Jens Kidman – Meshuggah)
11. Depersonalized (Feat. Daniela Karrer – Headshot)
12. Through The Veils Of Sleep (Feat. Ryker’s)

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"Invisible Queen" (music video):


"My farewell album for the "Final Reign Tour" contains everything that made HOLY MOSES special in the past 43 years. Vocally, I was overflowing with energy and felt like I was transported back to the 80s. We have always written songs that we ourselves like and never compromised on trends or conceded to wrong expectations, especially with this final album. We aren’t out to please everyone; we are our own brand and have our own sound, which includes odd meters, technically demanding passages, and unusual chord structures as well as interesting lyrics that deal with the dark side of humanity and the human psyche", comments Sabina Classen.

HOLY MOSES are a household name within the international metal scene. Their multi-faceted thrash metal, front-woman Sabina Classen’s charismatic voice and their unique mix of traditional attitude and experimental evolvement have been instrumental in establishing the band as a well-known and reliable entity since the beginning of their career in the early 1980’s. With classics like „Finished With The Dogs“ (1987), „The New Machine Of Liechtenstein“ (1989), „World Chaos“ (1990) or „Terminal Terror“ (1991), HOLY MOSES wrote metal history. "Invisible Queen" adds another, impressive and final chapter to it.

03. - 04.03.2023     ES - Murcia @ Espectros Festival XV

28. - 29.04.2023     DE - Remchingen @ No Playback Festival

13.05. 2023            ES - Pozal de Gallinas / Valladolid - Galia Metal Fest 

19. - 20.05.2023     DE - Kirchdorf @ Bavarian Battle Open Air

20. - 21.05.2023     BE - Ostend @ Huginns Awakening Fest VII

26. - 28.05.2023     DE - Gelsenkirchen @ Rock Hard Festival

08. - 10.06.2023     CZ - Frýdek-Místek @ HellPdays Festival 2023

08. - 10.06.2023     DE - Büßfeld @ M:O:A - M.I.S.E. Open Air

15. - 18.06.2023     FR – Clisson @ Hellfest

05. - 09.07.2023     CZ - Trutnov @ Obscene Extreme Festival

13. - 15.07.2023     DE – Torgau / Entenfang @ In Flammen Open Air

25. - 29.07.2023     SLO - Tolmin @ Tolminator

02. - 05.08.2023     DE - Wacken @ Wacken Open Air

11. - 13.08.2023     BE - Kortrijk @ Alcatraz Festival

02.09. 2023            NL- Schoonebeek - Schoonebeek Deathfest

15. - 20.09.2023     DE – Kiel @ Full Metal Cruise X Part I

18.11.2023             DE - Zwickau, Club Seilerstraße

08. - 09.12.2023     NL - Eindhoven, Eindhoven Metal Meeting

16.12.2023             DE - Übach-Palenberg, Rockfabrik Club

Many other special farewell shows to be announced soon…

HOLY MOSES online:

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