The French authorities sign the end of the game for us via a prefectural order.

There will be no HELLFEST this year.

Many of you have to worry about this 15th anniversary edition, but more to show us your support in this unprecedented situation, which we all hit hard. We hoped like you until the last minute, that the festival can take place. Unfortunately, dealing with the current unprecedented situation, Loire-Atlantique Prefecture,
accompanied by the Ministry of Culture, took the only decision that was necessary, that of the ban.

The edition of HELLFEST 2020 is therefore canceled. We share with them this position and thank them for consideration and responsiveness they demonstrated screw festival screws. More days passed and we seemed impossible to consider a 2020 edition ensuring satisfactory organization and, most importantly, safety.

Realizing that the risk of contagion related Covid-19 will be even higher in June, it would be irresponsible and dangerous to leave to gather tens of thousands of fans - shirtless and thirst for beer - in an area not to do observe social distancing rigor.

Authorities also meant we will not be able to implement the security features and the usual emergency (police, emergency doctors, rescue workers etc ...) necessary for any large gathering such as ours.

The knot in my stomach, we finally give appointment for this 15th anniversary edition of Hellfest 18, 19 and 20 June 2021. If you are in possession of a 3-day pass or a 1 day pass for editing to be held next June, we offer the possibility to convert it to pass for the edition 2021, and at no extra cost. For this, you will simply be returned shortly, by email, a new ticket for the 2021 Hellfest.

If you do not want, or are not sure to participate in the edition 2021, two choices are available:

• Visit Ticketswap the only official dealer of valid tickets for the festival, which will guarantee a secure transaction. Needless to tickets purchased by any other means (Viagogo, Stubhub ...) will not be valid.

By opting for this choice, you will make many happy: a festival that desperate not to come this year; and our association will thus limit the damage and calmly prepare the 2021 edition YOUR festival.

• A payment solution will also be offered. We will soon get back to you on the different possibilities that are offered, including the specificities related to different packs transport (train, bus, etc ...).

It's a real hard blow for our non-profit organization and for our territory.

Out of respect for you, the fans who have made Hellfest what it is today, we want to be as transparent as possible about the impact related to the postponement "forced". Starting today, the Hellfest Productions association that organizes the annual festival, will face a number of difficulties. By contrast to other sectors, which will also be hard hit by a slowdown in the economy several months, our association will it, having to face a "lost year". Government measures, which we welcome, are not enough to meet the heavy losses that the association will have to endure: salaries, overhead and promotion, banking depreciation, are all unavoidable costs that can not be financed with a year without festival .

Aware of the challenges and responsibility, the Hellfest Productions association had yet taken the trouble of getting a type of insurance "everything but" with the aforementioned company ALBINGIA, French insurance company with headquarters in Levallois Perret, for the modest sum of € 175 000, corresponding to the amount of the premium of the contract we supposed to cover potential risks leading to a cancellation. The same insurance policy clearly states that will be supported monetary losses due to possible pandemics provided that the contract was signed before the emergence and recognition of the pandemic by the French authorities and by the WHO. Our contract was signed December 17, 2019, before the official emergence of the virus in China.
But then, our dear insurance company demonstrates that still doubted, it is easier to pay contract premiums rather than redress for harm intended to be covered: ALBINGIA called us with an end of non- receive under the pretext that this "type" of a pandemic was not within the terms of our insurance policy.

We obviously disagree with this reading and this position. For ALBINGIA solidarity is for others, even jeopardize their insured economically. Their reasoning is simple, make our contribution to an insurance cancellation: YES, indemnify: NEVER. To do this, simply playing with words and imagine interpretations to begin a process that will last for years. Years that ALBINGIA keep warm amounts it owes us. An attitude that we denounce publicly today to shed light on these practices that we find shameful, especially in these times.
Solidarity and respect their commitments should be the insurers concerns.

In short, until the beginning of this long process, two words we come to this insurance company supposedly specializing in the fields of events and audiovisual: FUCK YOU!

Far from being a relief for us one year deferral also provides financial difficulties of many players without whom the festival would not take place: the entertainment, service providers, suppliers, partner associations, producers and artists. .. all look in our eyes and form a cohesive and united family. Some of them are going to be severely affected by the consequences of their loss of business, and we sincerely wish them to show our continued support. We give them all appointments in 2021, once this difficult closed parenthesis. Despite these dark times, our motivation and will remain intact. With your support, that of our partners (well not that of the insurance ... obviously), that of our volunteers and all the music lovers in general, we will continue to wear loud colors of extreme music be sure! All solidarity to meet soon!
To conclude, all over France, calls for donations multiply to help carers who struggle against this pandemic. Given this situation, it is out of question for us to wait idly.

As an event backbone of a great community we wish to respond to this call and for this we are also counting on YOU!

This is why we are now online kitty to collect designated fund of the University Hospital of Nantes, and we pay them a donation of € 20,000. This amount corresponds to the usual costs of intervention of medical emergency on the festival, at your side every year and of course will not be solicited in 2020.

We invite you now, if you can, to participate in the jackpot "Hellfest for Health" to support Research and teams of Nantes University Hospital. So you show to all fans of extreme music know to show solidarity and generosity to those who today are at the front to protect us.

"Hellfest for Health": https://www.helloasso.com/associations/hellfest-productions/collectes/hellfest-for-health

Stay strong, stay safe, stay home

You therefore have a little over a year to perfect your headbanging. We will wait the 18, 19 and 20 June 2021 with even more anticipation than usual! Until then take care of you, your relatives, the people you love and especially stay at home. We wish you all a 'nice' confinement to the sounds of guitars! See you soon and, of course, it keeps you juice following the events

Hellfest crew

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