New Video For “The Rivers Lullaby”


New Album Hear The Rivers Out This Friday, Nov 9!


[Photo Credit: Edko Fuzz Photo]


GREENLEAF give a second glimpse of how the rivers sound by revealing “The Rivers Lullaby”. 
Today the Swedes illustrate the floating stoner groover with a lyric video that underlines the song's essence in the typical GREENLEAF way. 


The band on the new video 

"We feel very happy with the lyric video for "The Rivers Lullaby". It captures the mood and the essence of the song itself that for the most part describes a reaper's helpless and weary thoughts. ”


Watch the new video HERE: 



This album turns out to be quite the mesmerizing bag of tricks that seizes the Swedish Stoner sound and enriches it with so many wonderful things, like the just released unforgettable riff-o-rama „Good Ol`Goat“ or the slow soulfeeder „We Are The Pawns“. An absolute gem of an album that is best kept in the family – which is why former GREENLEAF- and Dozer drummer Karl Daniel Lidén (Craft, Bloodbath, Crippled Black Phoenix amongst others) produced it.

GREENLEAF summarize this record in the following way:


“Hear The Rivers is our full length number 7. Lucky number 7? Well, we like to think so! All the songs give us huge smiles on our faces and we are extremely proud of what we have done! As always we try to take our listeners on a trip with our music, make them wanna bang their heads, dance, smile and cry (of happiness of course). This is easily the biggest sounding record we have ever done and we hope people will enjoy it as much as we do!”



The full track listing of Hear The Rivers reads as follows:


1. Let It Out!

2. Sweet Is The Sound

3. A Point Of A Secret

4. Good Ol´Goat

5. The Rumble And The Weight

6. We Are The Pawns

7. Oh My Bones

8. In The Caverns Below

9. High Fever
10. The Rivers Lullaby