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GAUPA Release Video For 'Moloken (Live At Monkey Moon Studios)'+ Whole Audio Live Session Available At Streaming Services

Swedish progressive psychedelic rock band GAUPA has released a video for new digital single, 'Moloken (Live At Monkey Moon Studios)'. It's an excerpt from an intimate studio session the band played in late May 2023. Following their much-lauded appearances at both Desertfest London and Desertfest Berlin, GAUPA went to Monkey Moon Recordings in Dortmund, Germany and recorded three songs live over the course of an afternoon, 'Moloken' from their critically acclaimed most recent album Myriad as well as a breathtakingly intense 11-minute joint version of their songs 'Sömnen' and 'Febersvan', the former also from Myriad, the latter taken off of GAUPA's self-titled first EP. You can listen to the full session at all digital streaming services. 

Watch 'Moloken (Live At Monkey Moon Studios)

Listen to GAUPA Live At Monkey Moon Studios 

The video for 'Sömnen & Febersvan (Live At Monkey Moon Studios)' will be released at a later date.


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