New England death metal behemoths FUMING MOUTH have unleashed a ferocious new EP titled Beyond The Tomb with their new label Nuclear Blast. In union with the release, the band has debuted a new video for the title track, ‘Beyond The Tomb,’ viewable now at the link below. The new 3 song EP will whet the appetite of death metal fans and gives a glimpse of the utter carnage that will follow under their new affiliation with Nuclear Blast.


Watch The Video For ‘Beyond The Tomb’:




Commenting on their title track, ‘Beyond The Tomb,’ FUMING MOUTH, vocalist/guitarist Mark Whelan states:


"I think this is a side of Fuming Mouth not many people know about and I'm eager to show it. The music video was filmed deep in the woods of New England at a remote house. We used a lot of ideas from 80's cult horror movies on the video and tried to create our own story. It really took on a life of its own."

FUMING MOUTH recently announced their partnership with Nuclear Blast with their crushing single ‘Master of Extremity,’ which can be heard here: https://youtu.be/MxIeXeL3Kqs

Stereogum.com commented on the track:

"It sounds like the type of music that a family of ogres might play if you dragged them out of their cage and forced them to listen to nothing but Hatebreed and Obituary for a year. Some of the riff change-ups on this thing are enough to yank your head clean off your shoulders.”



Purchase your copy of Beyond The Tomb EP in the format of your choice here: www.nuclearblast.com/fumingmouth-btt 

Listen to the EP on all streaming platforms: http://nblast.de/FumingMouthBTT

Formed in 2013, FUMING MOUTH has been on a mission to create an unbridled brand of death metal. The band set out as a 3 piece taking influence from bands like DISMEMBER while simultaneously taking inspiration from the likes of MOTORHEAD. Geared up now as a 4-piece band, they set out ready to take on the world with a brand new EP titled Beyond the Tomb and Nuclear Blast Records right by their side.

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