FRANKLEY EVERLONG flawlessly meld pop-punk and disco in new ‘Till the Dance Do Us Part’ music video & single

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Swedish pop-punk rockers Frankley Everlong have released yet another new single and music video, this time for the song ‘Till the Dance Do Us Part’. This is the third single taken from their upcoming sophomore full-length album Till the Dance Do Us Part which will see a global release on January 18, 2019" We had an idea that we wanted glowing tubes in this video with some cool lights, so we went to get some plastic pipes and LED lights from Olof’s job,”
.this location via Eclipse Records. The band features former ENTRAILS vocals/bassist Tommy Carlsson on lead vocals and guitar. Watch the video right now at 
saysfront man Tommy Carlsson. “We didn't know what we were doing and ended up spending over 7 hours trying to get the LED lights perfectly lined up in those freaking tubes. We had to do it over and over again… we hated those tubes!”
Frankley Everlong will release their upcoming sophomore full-length album entitled Till the Dance Do Us Part on January 18, 2019 via Eclipse Records. Till the Dance Do Us Part contains nine tracks which showcase the band’s unique talent and ability to grab listeners by the ear and mesmerize them with songs that are pure, simple fun. The album’s first single “Endless Infinity” immediately hits fans with the fast-paced pop-punk anthem which talks about ending an unhealthy relationship. Other stand-out tracks are “As You Wither” which tackles the difficult reality of bullies and those who intentionally hurt others for their own benefit, and the title track “Till the Dance Do Us Part” which is a metaphor for (good & bad) relationships.
The band have also revealed a previous music video from the album for the first single “Endless Infinity”, which has already surpassed 65,000 streams on Spotify in just 8 weeks’ time. The video was directed by the band,, Amazon, or Google Play, and stream the single via SpotifyApple MusicDeezer, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more.
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‘Till the Dance Do Us Part’ track listing
01. Till the Dance Do Us Part (watch video)
02.iTunesPre-order the full album on 
.this location and shot in Karlskrona, Sweden. Watch it right now at As You Wither (watch video)
03. Animatronic
04. Endless Infinity (watch video)
05. Broken Heart Surgery
06. Pushed Around by You
07. A Sense of Hell-Being
08. I Vagabond
09. September

Frankley Everlong Discography
Till the Dance Do Us Part (LP) – 2019
Songs for the Broken (LP) - 2014
Frankley Everlong Lineup
Tommy Carlsson (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Nicklas Petersson (bass), Olof Måhlgren (drums)