Release new live album featuring 'Rhizomes of Insanity' in its entirety

Last year, Fractal Universe released their latest full-length, Rhizomes of Insanity, via Metal Blade Records, and toured across Europe in support of it.
During their album release show at Le Gueulard+ in Nilvange, France, on April 19th, 2019, the band recorded their performance, where they played Rhizomes of Insanity in its entirety, along with some fan favorites.

To see the full live video, please visit: 


Shot by Vincent Tournaud, the full set list can be seen below: 

0:00 - Intro
1:02 - "Oneiric Realisations”
4:59 - "Flashes of Potentialities”
9:51 - "Rising Oblivion”
14:13 - "A Reality to Foreclose”
19:52 - "Masterpiece's Parallelism”
24:09 - "Parabola of Silence”
29:37 - "Madness' Arabesques”
34:20 - "Architectural Aberrations”
38:15 - "Fundamental Dividing Principle”
43:48 - "Chiasmus of the Damned”
49:20 - "Sons of Ignorance”
53:38 - "Scar Legacy of Hatred”
58:47 - "Decline"


1:07:06 - "Tears of Misanthropy”
1:12:45 - "Narcissistic Loop"

In addition to this live video, Fractal Universe has also released these live tracks digitally as a new live album, entitled Rhizomes Live.

Stream the record now on the platform of your choice!
See below for the track-listing for Rhizomes Live:


- "Oneiric Realisations"

- "Flashes of Potentialities"

- "Rising Oblivion"

- "A Reality to Foreclose"

- "Masterpiece's Parallelism"

- "Parabola of Silence"

- "Madness' Arabesques"

- "Architectural Aberrations"

- "Fundamental Dividing Principle"

- "Chiasmus of the Damned"


- "Tears of Misanthropy"