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Release Visualizer For First Single 'Fabulous Disaster (Live At The Astoria)'


Thrash metal masters EXODUS return with more than exciting news! 

The band announces today their live album British Disaster: The Battle of '89 (Live At The Astoria). 35 years after the recording the band decides to share this outstanding live performance with their fans. Recorded live at The Astoria in London back in March of 1989, EXODUS show once again why they are one of the biggest thrash metal bands of all time. Headbanging riffs, fast solos and an amazing atmosphere are what can be expected by this live album which sees the light of the world on May 31st 2024.

To commemorate their live album announcement, the band have released a brilliant visualizer video for their new live single 'Fabulous Disaster (Live At The Astoria)'. The title track of their 1989 released album gives already a taste of how energy-loaded this live album is!

Gary Holt comments on the live album:
"Sometimes something truly awesome drops right in your lap. In the case of Exodus, it was full multitrack tape reels from our headlining show in London while on tour for Fabulous Disaster! So we thought, “let’s listen and see what we have” and BAM! We were on FIRE! Pure over the top thrash, one hundred percent live, and as dangerous as ever! We are fuc*king stoked to be able to release this for our fans. Total mayhem!"

Pre-order or pre-save British Disaster: The Battle of '89 (Live At The Astoria) here:


Local Pre-order to follow

Watch the new visualizer video for 'Fabulous Disaster (Live At The Astoria)' here:

Stream 'Fabulous Disaster (Live At The Astoria)' on all platforms now at:




Exodus - 'Fabulous Disaster (Live At The Astoria)' (Official Visualizer)


Recorded on the 8th of March in 1989 at The Astoria in London, fans witnessed a night that went down in history and became legendary among EXODUS and thrash metal fans worldwide. The band had just released their third studio album Fabulous Disaster and started five month run to promote the album which brought the Americans also to Europe for a month of live shows. During this European run EXODUS decided to record the show in London, but never released it. This recording remained unheard of in the EXODUS vaults. Until now!

Be prepared for a much more aggressive and rawer sound than on the studio albums. British Disaster: The Battle of '89 (Live At The Astoria) is the ultimate live album presenting the sheer energy of what made EXODUS famous and notorious for during the 80s and what made them a legendary thrash metal band. A best of setlist compiled from the band's first three classic albums. The live album, mixed and mastered by Zeuss and the artwork done by Mark DeVito, will be available as CD, 2LP vinyl and digital.


1. The Last Act Of Defiance
2. Fabulous Disaster
3. 'til Death Do Us Part
4. Corruption
5. The Toxic Waltz
6. A Lesson In Violence
7. Chemi-Kill
8. Piranha
9. Like Father, Like Son

10. Deliver Us To Evil
11. Parasite
12. And Then There Were None
13. Verbal Razors
14. Brain Dead
15. Strike Of The Beast


Top Picture: 2LP Edition Tracklisting
Lower Picture: CD Jewelcase Tracklisting



Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza  - vocals
Gary Holt – guitars
Rick Hunolt – guitars
Rob McKillop – bass
Tom Hunting – drums

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