Grenoble (France)


Eight Sins have released their new record few months ago. This four-track EP, with much more Thrash Metal influences, marks a turning point for the band.

« When you listen to this record you can immediately tell they are fans of Slayer, Hatebreed and Municipal Waste !!! » (French Press)

For more than ten years Eight Sins have played their music with the same passion and energy. Their growing reputation has made them one of the most appreciated band in the French hardcore scene and gave them the chance to share the stage with famous bands like Sepultura, Walls of Jericho, Agnostic Front, Terror, Municipal Waste, Madball, Sick of it All, Unearth, Crowbar and more...

Their new album It’s a Trap comes out with four brutal tracks.

"Eight Sins is finally back with a new EP ! The band play some good crossover, that's what we love ! Here we have four tracks of pure thrash metal rhythm and hardcore riffs. Whether it is "On Tour", "It's a Trap", "Faceplant" or "Deathstroke", all tracks are good and makes you want to ruin your living room with a big circle pit. The cover is a masterpiece and the production sounds great. Grenoble local scene has few quality bands and can be proud of it !"

Metallian Magazine N°108

Next Shows

13/04 : Spring Break Fest (Saint-Etienne - Fr)
20/06 : Hellfest (Clisson - Fr)
30/06 : Ninkasi w/ Municipal Waste (Lyon - Fr)

05/07 : Buffalo Beats Fest (Les 7 Laux - Fr)