Bloody Lovely  
Album out 2 February 2018

DZ Deathrays emerged from the sweaty heat of Brisbane back in the heady days of 2008: a pair of loose units intent on tearing house parties apart with their barely-hinged two-piece punk. Nine years, two albums, two ARIA awards, critical and commercial appreciation, and countless high-octane shows around the world later… how things have changed.
Shane Parsons (guitar/vocals) and Simon Ridley (drums) rose to prominence with their excellently wild 2012 debut Bloodstreams, then backed it up with 2014’s immaculate Black Rat, which showcased a band maturing beyond their wildly rambunctious house party beginnings with sweeping, festival-ready riffs.

They recorded Bloody Lovely at the start of 2017, returning to the scene of Black Rat: The Grove Studios (just north of Sydney), and producer Burke Reid. 
Three albums in, DZ Deathrays have crafted a record that’s mature and profound, but still possesses the swagger of youth. It’s made to jump around to, made to engulf you in its tawdry embrace, a record made for dark clubs and wide-open festivals. Brutal and beautiful: Bloody Lovely is just that.