Devils Envy Release "Psycho"

 Central Florida Rock act, Devils Envy comes firing on all cylinders embracing the charisma, characteristics, and attitude of their star studded heroes to which they would be proud to have inspired, with a brand new single titled “Psycho, " released April 11th, 2018; an upbeat and insane twist on the old-school rock grooves, fused with heart-pounding drum beats, catchy guitar riffs, and soaring vocal melodies. Paired with psychedelic visuals, their video simply shows a photo of the band, but then the imagery becomes more intense and mesmerizing as the song goes on. 

  Lead singer, Angel Graves reveals that the song comes from a very confusing time, during one of his passed relationships; "'Psycho' is about those moments where even though your significant other is showing boarder-line psychotic behavior, to the point of destroying you emotionally, you love the way it feels. You love the attention, somehow. It's masochism at its finest. This is just the beginning of a new direction for us... The progress of our music will take a lighter side, less screaming, and more rockin' choruses that are catchy... This new single is a subtle change from our previous EP." [Dead Inside, (Oct 2016)]. - Angel Graves
   The band is currently promoting their new release by touring the U.S. and have also hinted toward more music coming for 2018. 

YouTube Video: